First Impressions: Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout

You may have seen over the last week or so a game called Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout bouncing around the internet. After seeing a handful of tweets I decided to find out more about the game. To my surprise, the game was to be released fairly soon and also was part of the August PlayStation … Continue reading First Impressions: Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout

Let’s Rewind: July

When I sat down and wrote June's Let's Rewind post, I remember saying that I wasn't too sure where July would take me. Personally, I've found July quite a challenging month but I've found taking time to play games more relaxing than normal. I've also found myself diving into the world of video game books. … Continue reading Let’s Rewind: July

Kickstarter Project: Another Crusade

Another Crusade is the debut game from Dragon Vein Studios. Recently the team reached out to me and talked to me about the game and I was curious to find out more. Now you might be asking yourself, but what is Another Crusade? Another Crusade is described as an action-packed turn-based RPG. You will find … Continue reading Kickstarter Project: Another Crusade

Latest Additions: Nintendo 3DS Edition

I've recently decided to show the Nintendo 3DS a bit of love in picking up a few new games to take a look at. This all came about from some late-night browsing for a few homeware things on Argos and naturally, I started looking through various video game-related searches. Out of curiosity, I had searched … Continue reading Latest Additions: Nintendo 3DS Edition