I Gave The Elder Scrolls Online A Second Chance

When The Elder Scrolls Online first came out on Xbox One back in June 2015 I was excited to give it a go. Of course like many Elder Scrolls fans I went out and grabbed myself a copy the day it came out.

I made a character, chose my alliance and started the game. A couple of months past and I just couldn’t stick with the game. I found myself playing for an hour or so here and there and then quiting and giving up. The Elder Scrolls Online for Xbox One has sadly sat on a shelf collecting dust since the end of 2015.

But it’s not all bad news.

Fast forward to the early June 2017 and some friends and myself were talking about Elder Scrolls Online but the PC version. I said I’d love to try the game again and play it with friends as I felt that’s what I was lacking when I originally played it. I had no one on Xbox who was also playing and no one to talk to about the game. Coincidently at the same time the game was on sale on Steam so I seized the oppertunity and bought the game. It was the right thing to do.

After what felt like an eternity for the game to download and install I was in. I made my character, chose my alliance and I was off. This time things felt different. I felt excited to play and I have actually really been enjoying the game and not wanting to give in. I also have a group of friends who play as well. The fact that I’ve been getting more into the quests and just exploring all the different locations is helping me want to play more as well.

Although I only have the base game at the moment, I am considering buying some of the downloadable content once I’ve given myself time to get into the game a bit more. The Morrowind chapter has recently come out and that is one I am thinking of getting but may stick with one of the smaller DLC’s first.

I’m happy that I’ve given the game a second chance. It’s a different experience from when I originally played on Xbox and also very different from the other games I’ve been playing recently. It’s easy to pick up and carry on from where you logged off last if you haven’t played for a few days too!

So if you see a lost player in Tamriel it’s more than likely going to be me!


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