An Unexpected Conversation

I have to admit yesterday was a tough day at work but there was a small 10 minute chat with a customer which honestly made my day.

I work in retail and was getting a game for a customer. I walked back and gave it to an elderly gentleman. I initially thought he was buying it as a gift for somebody but I was wrong. He was buying it for himself. The gentleman asked me if I had ever played  The Evil Within for Xbox One. I said no I hadn’t and that I wasn’t a huge fan of horror games but I do play other games. We had a chat about what games we both play like Tomb Raider, Need For Speed, Overwatch, Destiny, Skyrim and Fallout to name a few. We then went on to have a discussion about the Fallout franchise.

It was such a lovely discussion. We talked about how much we enjoyed the game as a whole, the additional content that Bethesda makes for the games. The fact that you don’t have to stick purely to the main story line but can go off and do side quests and even just explore. To be honest it was such a pleasent conversation.

What did surprise me was that on Fallout New Vegas this gentleman has racked up just short of 900 hours of gaming on the one game. Not to mention Fallout 3 or Fallout 4! When he told me I was very surprised that he had that many hours on Fallout New Vegas (and a few million caps as well!)

He went on to explain that he just takes his time. He has no real rush to fully complete the game and just wants to take in the expereince from the game as much as possible. In an open world game there is no real reason to have to rush.

Ultimatley I was blown away by his knowledge and love for the Fallout franchise! He even started to talk about all the Fallout merchendise he has as well! I really wish I could have stopped and chatted to him longer but sadly I got called away.

It just goes to show that it really doesn’t matter what your age is or anything like that but video games are open to everyone.


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