Summer Holiday Surprise

Today marks the first official day of the school summer holiday where I live and it got me thinking about when I was younger and how I spent a lot of time with my Grandparents  during the school holidays and most days after school.

I remember coming back from school one day and I was told that there was a surprise waiting for me when I got in. This surprise was a brand new Windows XP computer that I could use to help me study for school while I was there. Of course this made me super excited and greatful that I would have a PC to nearly call my own.

Even though I was excited that there was this new computer in the house that I couldn’t wait to start using, I also noticed the big box of Xplosiv games discs just sitting in to one side. These bright orange discs would keep me occupied when I didn’t have to study for school.

There must have been around twenty to thirty discs in total and there was driving games, war games, kids’ games, all sorts but some that I remember playing a lot were Grand Theft Auto, Sheep, Raystorm and Ford Racing (when it would work).

I spent many hours playing RayStorm. I had played it on a friends Playstation before but wasn’t very good at it but, something about this game just made me want to keep playing. Beat the first boss and then keep going. I loved how it had that arcade feel about it and there was a lot of keyboard button mashing. I may have got told off one or two times for nearly breaking the keyboard.

Sheep was just a fun and silly game that I loved even if I did end up losing all my sheep. It reminded me in some aspects of a more indepth version of Lemmings but you just had to keep the heard under control.

Ford Racing was okay I guess when it did actually work. Just your typical driving game really. I’ve never been that good at racing games and I’m still not that good now but I just liked driving. I guess I just wanted to be able to drive really.

Grand Theft Auto was that one game I played sneakily as technically I wasn’t eighteen and shouldn’t have been playing it (according to my grandparents). I didn’t fully understand what I was supposed to be doing but just driving around and aggregating other gangs seemed to be entertaining to me at the time. To some degree I do miss the old top down style of the Grand Theft Auto games.

I guess as I was young and this was the first computer that I could really play games on properly I didn’t really know what to expect from the games. At the end of the day I just wanted to be able to have fun and these games let me do that. To this day I’m pretty sure I still have a small handful of the discs floating around in a CD case somewhere.

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