Rise and Shine: New Animated Short from Blizzard

Yesterday Blizzard released a new Overwatch animated short called Rise and Shine and it focuses on everyone’s ‘favourite’ Ice Queen Mei. Now I’ve loved every animated short that has been released for Overwatch. I’ve always felt they are a great companion to the game it’s self as well as helping each Hero’s backstory and just the story of Overwatch as a whole.

Yet this one particular animated short really tugged on my emotions. I really felt for Mei on numerous occassions during the short, especially when she felt she had lost everything except all the data that had been collected over the nine years. Even through everything that happened Mei was still determined to finish the mission no matter what. I kept saying in my head “Go on Mei! You can do it!” when she was building the ice gun towards the end.

I have to say this probably my favourite animated short that has been released so far and not only that it has made me respect Mei as a character more now that we’ve seen what she was up to at Ecopoint Antartica.


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