An Update On What Has Been Happening

Amongst all the craziness of the last week with work and real life I’ve finally found a few minutes to stop, sit down and write this.

Mid-week my computer decided to throw a big tantrum and get it’s self stuck in a reboot loop. Thankfully it is now all sorted and back up and running. Being without my computer for four days meant I was able to play a fair bit of Destiny 2 without getting distracted. I’ve now completed the campaign and have been focusing on getting my power level up (I will have a Destiny 2 blog post up soon). Other than that I’ve been keeping up with the gaming community as when I can as well as planning for my trip to London next month for RTX London!

One last thing before I round up this blog post. I stumbled accross a song on YouTube that is being used for the Leauge of Legends Worlds 2017. Since listening to it it has been stuck in my head non stop. Also the song features Against The Current who I’ve seen live a couple of times as well. I haven’t played League of Legends for a couple of years but I’m tempted to download it and get stuck in again!


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