Destiny 2: My Experience So Far

I have to admit I didn’t play as much of Destiny when it first was released back in 2014 as I thought I would. I think a lot of my friends who had bought it quickly got bored and moved onto other games. I decided to pick up Destiny again earlier this year with The Taken King bundle which I picked up from work for about £15. Of course there was only so much I could do until the next installment of the game came along. 

I started following the progress of Destiny 2 and kept as up to date as best as possible with any new information for the game. For what ever reason I didn’t pre-order the game nor did I play the Beta. I just knew I wanted to get this game and I was purely riding the hype train that it was on. 

Finally release day arrived. I was in Southampton for the day but made buying my copy the first thing I did. The rest of the morning I spent racing around the City getting everything done before jumping back on the train home and starting Destiny 2!

Instantly I felt that the Campaign for Destiny 2 was a lot more in depth and more thought out than Destiny. Not only that I felt you could understand each of the characters and their experiences more. Even though it didn’t take long to complete I loved every minute of it including the emotional roller coaster as well! It set the stage perfectly for the rest of the game. After completing the campaign I set about like most other Guardians did in levelling up my Power level, exploring the different worlds, stopping and admiring the views, completing strikes, public events, playing crucible matches, completing milestones, discovering the games secrets, playing football and having dance battles with other Guardians at The Tower. 

The Leviathan raid and Factions have since been added to the game since Destiny 2’s release. I am yet to complete the Leviathan raid but I am planning on doing so this coming weekend when I am not restricted on time. As for Factions I pledged my allegiance to Dead Orbit. 

For now though my plan is to just keep on completing milestones, public events and just going at my own pace through the game. The game has something that keeps me coming back and playing more. It also helps that I play with a great group of people who have also taught me some tips and tricks which has helped me improve as a player and die less as well. 

Bungie has done an amazing job on Destiny 2 and I can’t wait to see what else they have planned for Destiny 2’s future! 

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