Tech Review: Apple iPad Pro 9.7

A couple of months ago my trusty Lenovo tablet finally gave up the go meaning I needed to find a replacement for it. After some searching and comparing different tablets online I found myself walking out of my local EE store with a brand new Apple iPad Pro 9.7 in Space Grey on a 10GB data contract.

Technical Specifications

  • Display: 9.7in 2048×1536 pixel at 264 pixels per inch; True Tone display; Wide colour display
  • Colors: Space Grey
  • Storage: 32gb
  • Software: Came pre-installed with iOS 10 but now running iOS 11.0.2
  • Processors: 64-bit A9X and M9
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Touch ID: yes
  • Cameras: front 5MP 720p HD camera and a rear 12MP 4k HD camera with flash
  • Connectivity: 802.11a/b/g/n/ac, Bluetooth 4.2, GPS, optional 4G
  • Size: 240 mm × 169.5 mm × 6.1 mm
  • Weight: 444 grams
  • Inputs: Lightning, Smart Connector, Apple Pencil
  • Speakers: 4
  • Network: EE
  • Current Accessories: Apple Smart Cover in Apricot and Apple Silicone Case in Grey


The question is though why the Apple iPad Pro & not an Andriod tablet?

I did a lot of comparison between numerous different tablets, including the updated version of my old Lenovo tablet, Samsung Galaxy Tabs and iPad’s to name a few.  I looked at value for money, technical specifications and mobile data deals just name a few things I considered. Ultimately I wanted something that I could use for everyday use, blogging and studying. After making my mind up I popped into my local EE store to get everything sorted out.

I had settled on getting an Apple iPad Mini as it would be a nice size to carry around and not to big of a tablet to hold. After going into store I discovered they had sold out of the iPad Mini but had an even better deal on the iPad Pro which was not listed on EE’s website. As a current customer with EE I also got a little bit more data a month as well as a cheaper tariff. I pay around £35 a month and that is including full damage cover insurance on the iPad as well.

Apple iPAd Pro

My thoughts on the Apple iPad Pro 9.7

I definitely made the right choice when purchasing my iPad and in all honesty I have nothing but good things to say about it. It works well as an everyday tablet, for blogging and keeping up with social media and even for studying. It fits in my bag perfectly and for the amount of time I use it per day I’m only having to really charge it a couple of times a week.

The quality of the camera was another thing I seriously looked into when searching for a new tablet and the iPad Pro’s 12 megapixel camera is perfect for taking photos for Instagram, Twitter and of course for the blog!

The only negative would be that cases and screen protectors are bit more pricey than if I was to have gone with an Android tablet but that is expected when you buy an Apple product. I was lucky to get my smart cover and case cheaper by getting them from a local CeX and the screen protector was on offer at PC World as well so I managed to save some money there.

Overall though if you are looking to get a tablet on contract then I would consider looking at iPads because you never know you may find a good deal on them. It is however really all down to what you want the tablet to do. For me the iPad Pro works wonderfully but for other people it might not be and there maybe a more suitable tablet that works for them.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and I look forward to doing more blog posts like this in the future!


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