My RTX London Adventure

The day started off bright and early at 5am for the adventure to London. Well it wasn’t bright it was pretty cold and horrible actually but still early. After leaving at 6am, stopping for coffee at Fleet services and getting lost in Central London (thank you SatNav) I finally arrived at the ExCel Centre at around 8:30am. This is where the excitment really started to set in. I remember ordering my tickets back in March thinking that RTX London was ages away when infact it came round so quick and next thing I knew I was in London walking up the steps to the ExCel Centre and heading to get my badge.

After getting my badge for the day I set off and joined the rather orderly queue in the next door and waited to get into the Main Hall. I have to admit the British are very good at queuing. There was a lot of people just sat down playing Nintendo DS, Nintendo Switch, Game Boy’s and other hand held consoles to help pass the time. All of a sudden people were moving and finally the main hall was ready for Day 2 attendees!

My first stop was the Rooster Teeth Store and it was many other people s first port of call too. The Gaurdians had set up a queue system to allow a steady flow of people through the store. I waited about 25 minutes to get into the store but actually I had a good view of the Achievement Hunter vs Funhaus panel and it was a great way to start off the day.

Finally I reached the store and set off having a look around. I didn’t have anything particular that I wanted to get but had a good look around before settling on a handful of items. I left the store with an Achievement Hunter t-shirt, RT London T-shirt, a Ruby Chibi lanyard and a People Like Grapes Sticker. (Not a bad start on the merch haul)

Next up was a browse around the other stands. Although there could have been a few more stands there was a great variety there. I popped to Tee Turtle and grabbed another T-shirt and also over to Merchendise Monkey and grabbed an Overwatch Snapback and Stardew Valley keyring. The last thing I got was a little Raichu plushie. I also grabbed some American sweets from another stall for the car journey back. Honestly I could have spent a lot more money than what I did but I’m still pleased with what I managed to pick up.

I tried my best to go to as many panels as possible while I was at RTX London. I was keeping track of the queues via Twitter and for a lot of the panels I just couldn’t get near them which meant I had to miss them. For the ones at Centre Stage you could hearand see them from throughout the hall so that wasn’t too bad. I did however managed to attend the Sea of Thieves panel and luckily got a seat for that one and also the RT Podcast too.

The Sea of Thieves panel was very much a spur of the moment choice to watch but worth it. I was originally standing but was lucky to be seated for it. I’ve been following Sea of Thieves for a while and I’ve been really intrigued by the game. The panel was really informative and  has made me even more excited for the game’s release next year. I do like some of the new features that were talked about including the non verbal communication functions and that you can have your own small ship as well!

One of the most anticipated panels of the weekend had to be the RT Podcast. The hall was totally packed. The seats and designated standing areas as well. I think I was stood for nearly three hours catching part of the previous panel as well as the intermission before the Podcast its self. It was totally worth it though. I loved how we got onto the topic of biscuits and people were just giving Burnie packs of biscuits and taking them up on stage. Someone also crumpets as well! Also shoutout to the person who put the RTAA Burnie head up infront of the camera towards the end of the Podcast! I was so happy to have seen the RT Podcast live! It was one of the things I was most looking forward to and definetly a one highlight of the day.

Sadly I wasn’t lucky enough to get a signing with anyone. Burnie was a few feet away from me a couple of times during the Sea of Thieves panel and again during the RT Podcast. I did get a wave from Barbara as she was on the way to one of her signings. I was going to queue to have a photo taken with Jeremy as the queue didn’t look too long but as I turned the corner it was massive and gave it a miss.

Overall though I had an awesome time at RTX London. I really am hoping that Rooster Teeth bring the event back next year but bigger and better. Of course being the first year of holding RTX London there will be things to be changed and worked on yet I felt for the first RTX London it was brilliant.

Finally everyone who I bumped into and spoke to were lovely and so friendly so if any of you are reading this, hello and I hope you had an awesome time as well!


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