Gaming Haul: Birthday Edition

At the start of this week I celebrated my birthday and there was a bit of a theme running through it. As the title suggests it was full of gaming goodies (mainly Nintendo) which I wasn’t expecting at all.

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen that I shared a picture of one of my gifts which was the Nintendo SNES Mini. I was super excited for this. It’s come pre-loaded with so many games that I’ve wanted to play for such a long time including Star Fox 2! I’ve only played Super Mario World and Super Mario Kart so far but I really do love the SNES Mini! I’ll probably venture onto playing The Legend of Zelda A Link To The Past or EarthBound next.

I also was very lucky to recieve not one but two of the games off of my Games List that I wanted. I was a bit surprised as I hadn’t actually asked for any games at all. The two I recieved were the brand new Fire Emblem Warriors and Monster Hunter Stories. I’ve already got stuck into Monster Hunter Stories and so far I love it! I’ve never played any of the Monster Hunter games before  but I feel this is a nice easy introduction to the franchise despite being seperate to the main games. I’ve played previous Fire Emblem games and just felt this would be the next natural step for my collection of Fire Emblem games. I’m hoping to start playing Fire Emblem Warriors over the weekend.

The last couple of things I was given were Pokemon Themed. These were the Mimikyu Pin Collectors Set and also a Pikachu scarf. I collected most of the sets from the 20th Anniversary Pin Collector Sets last year and I just loved how Mimikyu had their own one created as well. I haven’t opened it and I don’t know if I will at the moment. The Pikachu scarf on the other hand is lovely and cosy and not too thick so it would be nice to wear when it’s cold but not really cold during the Autumn/Winter.

Overall I had a lovely day and I’m incredibly thankful to my friends and family who gave me gifts. I will be writing up a blog post on both Fire Emblem Warriors, Monster Hunter Stories and the SNES Mini soon so do keep a look out for them!


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