Switching It Up

When the Nintendo Wii U first came out I was a little sceptical about it but a few months after it released I finally caved and bought one of my own. When I first got it I played it daily but then that started to become weekly and then I proceeded to watch it collect dust on the shelf.

At the start of this year I told myself I would do my best to actually play more games for the Wii U. I invested in a handful of games which I picked up from CeX. The last couple of months I found that I still wasn’t really using the console enough. Despite getting ‘new’ games for it there was just something missing but I just couldn’t pin point exactly what. After a few weeks of deliberation I finally decided it was time to part with my Wii U. So I walked into my local GAME store with my Wii U and walked out with a brand new Nintendo Switch.

Walking into the store I had a quick look at what deals they had. I eventually settled on the Neon Switch with Mario Odyssey bundle. I also was planning on buying a second game as well. I considered getting The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild but as I previously had played it on the Wii U  I decided against it. I also thought about picking up Skyrim as well. I finally settled on Splatoon 2 mainly so I can play online with my brother as well. I also grabbed a carry case and Screen protector too.

After getting home, I unboxed the Switch, set it up and loaded up Mario Odyssey. Needless to say I was as quiet as a mouse for the rest of the weekend due to hunting for Power Moons. I did swap onto Splatoon 2 at the latter part of the weekend and started to get stuck into the game and then joined my brother in playing some online multiplayer.

Since getting my Switch I’ve also picked up Stardew Valley and Mario + Rabbids both of which I really am enjoying. Something that I really love about the Switch is how you can just pick it up and play and don’t always need a TV or Monitor to play. Perfect for relaxing and playing a game before bed after a long day.  Battery life isn’t too bad but I haven’t really put it to the test as such yet but over Christmas I will be I’m sure. Overall though I am really happy with the Switch as a whole and haven’t really found anything to fault it yet.

There are some games that I have been looking into getting including Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Skyrim, Pokken Tournament and L.A. Noire but I will wait until after Christmas before I get anymore games.

I am somewhat sad that I ended up parting with my Wii U but at the end of the day I know it was the right choice. I just hardly ever used it like I thoped I would and I know it will one day find a better home if it hasn’t already. The Switch is already shaping up to have even more great releases in 2018 and I’m sure it will do immensely well next year.

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