Looking Back at Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup

Last week myself and a few friends got talking about Harry Potter Quidditch World Cup on the PlayStation 2. We had a lovely chat about our experience with game and how we would love to one day see either a remaster of the original or a sequel to the original game.

A Bit About The Game

Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup was released in November 2003 by good old Electronic Arts and Warner Brothers. The game was available on GameCube, PlayStation 2, Windows, Xbox and GameBoy Advance and based upon the fictional sport of Qudditch. The game features three modes Hogwarts, exhibition and of course world cup.

The Hogwarts feature ultimately was the tutorial and just helped you learn the ropes of playing quidditch. From basic passes to more advanced techniques, house challenges and play solo games against the other houses preparing you for world cup. The house with the highest overall score would win the Hogwarts Cup.

Exhibition on the other hand is where you play one-off matches between the various Hogwarts houses or between international teams. The only venues available to start with were England and the United States but you would unlock more quidditch stadiums as you progress through the game. Eventually unlocking Bulgaria (with help from collecting quidditch cards from playing world cup mode)

World Cup mode is pretty self-explanatory.  You pick a country you want to represent and work your way through the completion playing all the teams at various locations across the world. The country with the highest score is the team that wins the Quidditch World Cup. There are of course different difficulties that you can play which are as followed Comet 260, Nimbus 2000,  Nimbus 2001 and Firebolt. In other words, easy, medium, hard and very hard.  The game allows you to have several world cups in progress at any one time but you can’t be representing the same country.

Video from madeinchinavids


I remember how I would spend countless mornings at the weekend and after school trying to unlock all the features, playing countless solo games and challenges and just enjoying the game as a whole. I remember there being so much hype about this game at school and everyone in my class would talk about it constantly. At the time when it was released I thought the graphics looked amazing on the PlayStation 2 and to a degree they still look okay (just about) fourteen years later.

Fourteen Years Later

At the weekend I decided to venture into the loft and dust off my old PlayStation 2 and give Harry Potter Quidditch World Cup another go. Sadly I couldn’t find a memory card so I started from scratch. I jumped into relearning how to play before giving a few matches a go. Needless to say I wouldn’t make a Quidditch Team now but I had loads of fun trying to score some goals. I did win one or two matches but out of the matches I played I lost most of them mainly as I set the game to the hardest difficulty. I might give the World Cup mode a go one day and see how I get on.

Although I really wish that Electronic Arts had released a sequel to the game to coincide with later movies, there was just the one game yet there was some quidditch mini games in the Xbox 360 exclusive Harry Potter Kinect game released in 2012. Who knows, maybe one day there will be a sequel.

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