Tech Review: Razer Electra V2

Choosing the right headset for gaming is always a tough one and this time it was no different. Previously I was using one of The Sims 4 Steelseries headsets. While this is a good headset, after long periods of time it became highly uncomfortable for me and through wear and tear just wasn’t as reliable as it use to be. Other than that it was a nice little headset. Prior to that, I had a Corsair Raptor HS40 headset but even on the smallest setting it would constantly fall forward or slip off my head so I passed that onto my brother.

For the new headset I was planning on getting, I wanted something that not only provided great sound quality and had a good microphone. I wanted to know that what I was going to buy would be comfortable and long-lasting amongst a few other things. I looked at so many different headsets online and even visited a couple of local Currys PC World stores to see some of the headsets physically first.

After a few days of reading reviews, trying them out and looking at them in store and talking to owners of the headsets I was interested in I settled for the Razer Electra V2 with the 3.5mm audio jack. There is another version of the Electra V2’s which have a USB input instead. I settled for this headset as not only can I use it on the PC for when I am playing Overwatch or in a Discord call I can also use them as a normal pair of headphones and as a headset on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The removable microphone was a bonus as well.

I should add that the Electra V2 comes with 40mm drivers and 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound and also you can upgrade to the Razer Surround Pro for even more options to personalize your settings and fine-tune your audio.

I placed my order directly from Razer’s website on the 30th December 2017 and it arrived on 2nd January 2018. Not only was I surprised by the quick turnaround from placing the order to receiving my order. Surprisingly my order arrived two days ahead of when it should have done and I was kept fully updated by Razer as to where my order was. My order was definitely a well travelled one seeing as it also went to America and France before landing in the UK!

Now at just over a month after receiving my headset I must say I am definitely extremely happy with my purchase. The Razer Electra V2’s are super comfortable, have brilliant audio quality, the microphone sounds great, they easy to install and set up, cancel out background noise well and come with a lovely long lead too.  Another thing I noticed is that they don’t feel like they are pushing down on your head after using them for a few hours like some headsets do.

For only £54.99 I definitely feel like I have and will have gotten my money’s worth from the Razer Electra V2 headset and would recommend anyone looking to buy a new headset to consider these.


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