Game Review: Super Mario Odyssey

When Super Mario Odyssey was announced I didn’t really pay much attention to it. I didn’t have a Nintendo Switch and at the time I wasn’t planning on getting one anytime soon. Of course, things changed and the one game I wanted when I bought my Switch was Super Mario Odyssey. As soon as I had set up my Switch I had the game cartridge in and installing ready for my next adventure with Mario. As someone who has grown up around Nintendo games and spent a lot of time playing Super Mario 64 when they were younger as well as Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy One and Two, Super Mario Odyssey had me really excited to jump back into the magical Kingdoms that were waiting for me.

Like with any Super Mario game ultimately you are trying to rescue Princess Peach from Bowsers grasp and Super Mario Odyssey is no different. Now that sounds simple to do but of course in true Super Mario style, there are plenty of twists, turns and surprises along the way.

You start off in the somewhat monochrome Cap Kingdom where you meet Cappy who is your partner in crime on your mission to save Princess Peach and Cappy’s sister Tiara who has also been kidnapped by Bowser. Now Cappy is very unique and an incredibly different from other companions we have seen in previous games. Cappy’s abilities not only help you around the Kingdoms but also by throwing him at certain characters/enemies you can morph into them and use their abilities to help you progress through the game. One of the first things I did was use Cappy to become a T-rex! You can also become a mighty Goomba tower as well which is pretty fun as well.

Although you are trying to save Princess Peach and Tiara, Mario still has a task of finding and collecting as many Power Moon’s as possible to help power the Odyssey ship its self.  The Power Moons are scattered all over the Kingdoms in various different places. Some are really easy to find. Others not so much and some have just appeared by somewhat messing around and exploring in the Kingdoms. If you were to collect the minimum amount of Power Moons for each Kingdom it wouldn’t take you that long to complete the main storyline but if like myself you like to take things slow and explore each of the Kingdom’s then you can take as much time as you need to complete the game.

Super Mario Odyssey I feel is one of those must-have games for the Switch. Not only has it had me grinning from ear to ear and laughing my head off but it’s also had me getting mad at the game because I keep failing on a particular part of the game. There is so much about the game that makes it unique and stands out from other Super Mario games but each Super Mario game, in my opinion, is unique in its own way.

Not only that the game is super easy to pick up, put down, not play for weeks and go back to it and it isn’t difficult to get back into the game at all. With the way the Nintendo Switch is designed it really does enhance the overall experience of playing Super Mario Odyssey and there have been several occasions where I’ve grabbed my Switch and played Super Mario Odyssey while travelling to help pass time. I honestly can’t recall how many times I have been up until the early hours of the morning chasing Power Moons either!

I know I am not too far from finishing the main story myself and each time I play I discover something new. I know I have countless more Power Moons to find once the main story is completed but, a part of me really doesn’t want this game to be over. Hopefully, Nintendo will add some more free updates like the recent Luigi’s Balloon World which adds a fun new game mode that you can access once you have completed the main story. If you haven’t already picked up Super Mario Odyssey or you are thinking about getting a Nintendo Switch I would definitely consider getting the game!


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