The End Of An Era

The news that the UK side of Toys R Us had gone into administration came as a bit of a surprise to me last week. Many people knew that the chain wasn’t in a great place and that it was only a matter of time before it actually happened. With the news of the store closures all over the media, I decided to pay one last visit to my local Toys R Us.

My first attempt at visiting Toys R Us was a failure due to the fact there were so many people trying to visit the store and get a bargain. You could not get anywhere near the store and the whole area was gridlocked in every direction. My second attempt a couple of days later, however, was successful. Although I didn’t have my mind set on buying anything specific the trip its self-was more to just browse, have a look at some gaming bits and bobs, some Lego and just see what was there. Toys R Us also happens to be the biggest toy store in my area as well and since I can remember I have shopped there whether it was for myself, a friend or family member.

Toys R Us for me, however, will hold a special part of my childhood as it was where I bought my first Game Boy Advance and Pokemon Yellow game when I was about nine/ten years old.  It is also where I bought many of my games including The Sims, Pokemon and so many more after saving up my pocket money and birthday money and also where I bought the majority of my pokemon trading cards when I was younger too.

I remember being told when I was younger that I wasn’t allowed to start my Christmas List until I had seen the Toys R Us advert on the television. I also use to sing along to the advert as well. (I should add I was between the ages of four and eight years old at this point)

It is sad to Toys R Us go into administration after being a such a well known and loved company in the Toy industry for so many years but thank you Toys R Us for being such a magical place over the years too!


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