Tech Review: Google Pixel 2

How I ended up with a Google Pixel 2 was more the means of an accident over anything else. It was mainly the meeting with the floor that resulted in claiming through my insurance with my mobile phone provider to get my screen replaced. Instead, it was decided that a new handset was in order. Sadly my then current handset was no longer available so in some way,s I ended up with an early upgrade from the Google Pixel to the Google Pixel 2.

I’ve had my Google Pixel 2 for around two months now and I have to say that I love it more than the original. Initially though it the two handsets look pretty much identical and there’s nothing wrong with that but there are a few improvements with the Google Pixel 2.

One thing that I hated about the Pixel is how cold it would get during colder periods of the year but that was mainly due to the full aluminum body that the Pixel had. The Pixel 2, however, has a mixture of aluminum and matte finish which definitely helps keep a consistent temperature. Another few smaller/less noticeable changes are that the phone appears to be more blockier and also the finger print sensor has moved just ever so slightly but not enough to cause it to be uncomfortable when unlocking the phone.

The Pixel 2’s battery life is good but it all depends on how much you use your phone as well. I find myself charging my phone every other day and having the faster charging is a bonus. The overall performance of the phone is quick, effortless and seamless and as I am someone who uses their phone for work, social media and just for everyday use the Pixel 2 allows me to do everything I need to do easily.

Having the Google Assistant built into the phone that you can activate by saying “Ok Google” or simply by squeezing the bottom of the phone is a great asset to the phone and a function that I have used more since getting the Pixel 2.

It can get a little confusing when you are trying to use the Google Home Mini and the Google Assistant on the phone and they both pick up what you are saying at the same time. There have been many instances when both devices have ended up playing Spotify at the same time but this is easily sorted by setting up different voice commands for one or both of the devices.

The Google Pixel’s camera was rated to be one of the best during 2016/2017 and when I first tried it out I was amazed at the quality. Swap over to the Google Pixel 2 and it just amazes me even more. In regards to photography as a whole I would say I know the basics and how to compose your basic photo and even with that knowledge, the Pixel 2’s camera has given me some really good results.

One thing which doesn’t concern me too much but may do for other people is that to listen to your music through headphones you need to buy a separate adapter that you can only buy directly from Google although there are unofficial ones that can be found on Amazon and eBay. While this might seem off-putting for some the adapter is only £9 and I beleive this is a fairly reasonable price considering how much you could pay for something similar. This doesn’t worry me too much as I tend to use my trusty iPod Classic when I want to listen to music on the go.

There are many things that make the Google Pixel 2 a great phone and I could sit here all day just writing about the phone in general. For me, the positives of the phone out weigh the negatives and the Pixel range has been one of the best mobile phones I have had in a long time. I would like to hope that Google announces the next Google phone maybe even the Pixel 3 later this year as it would definitely be one I would consider when it is time to upgrade in December.

You can find out more about the Google Pixel 2/Pixel 2 XL by clicking here.


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