A few days ago I stumbled across like many other Twiter users did the trending topic #GameStruck4. I was intrigued as to what the hashtag was all about so I took a look. Twitter users were choosing four games that they feel defined them in one way or another and all for different reasons. This got me thinking about the four I would choose and of course, I joined in.

Pokémon Silver & Pokémon Gold – Game Boy Colour

Pokémon Silver & Pokémon Gold were one of the few games that I really got immersed in when I was younger. Of course when it came out the Pokémon craze was still going strong in the UK with the games, television show, trading cards and all the other merchandise the franchise had to offer.

Journeying into a whole new region full of colour to explore that was so different and intriguing compared to the original Pokémon Red & Pokémon Blue was totally exciting. Although the basis of the game was the same there was so much more to explore and do alongside catching Pokémon, beating Gym Leaders and becoming the best Pokémon Trainer. After finishing the new portion of the game I remember I was over the moon to discover that I could continue on to the Kanto region and carry on pursuing the dream of becoming a Pokémon Master.

I have replayed the original Pokémon Silver & Pokémon Gold games countless times alongside the HeartGold and SoulSilver remakes and most recently the Virtual Console versions of the game. The game always brings back so many memories and I always find myself reaching for it when looking for a Nintendo DS game to play.

Final Fantasy XV – Xbox One

Final Fantasy XV was a game that I had been eyeing up for a while and finally caved and bought it. I’m so glad I did as I loved the game and still do now. The story, the graphics, the characters and so much more was perfect especially for someone who had not played a Final Fantasy game before. Not only did I thoroughly enjoy the game but it really opened by eyes and spurred me on to actually play other Final Fantasy games including Final Fantasy XIV Online and Final Fantasy Type-0 HD. The game also helped me look at other games including various JRPG’s which is something I hadn’t really done before.

The Sims – PC

Some of you may already know but I’ve been a fan of The Sims games since the early days and still am to this day. I honestly just love the concept of the game and everything about it. You are able to play the game in many different ways and also let your imagination run wild with builds and create so many different and unique Sims.

When The Sims was initially released there wasn’t really anything else quite like it. I’ve spent countless hours playing The Sims and the sequels to the game as well as the handheld spin-offs including The Sims Bustin’ Out on Game Boy Advance too which was a game that I have played countless times when I was younger.

Transport Tycoon Deluxe – PC

This was a game I use to watch my parents play when I was really young and it was probably my introduction to simulation games too. I use to sit and watch my parents play and be mesmerized by what was going on and wanting to have the best transport system and be better than the computer players. I remember my first save for Transport Tycoon was set in the Candy Land world and that just made me even more intrigued and wanting to do well in the game. I think I named my world something along the lines of Kids Kingdom. I have actually got a game running using the OpenTTD version of the game. From starting to play Transport Tycoon I soon discovered games like Sim City and Cities Skylines but every now and then I find myself jumping back to Transport Tycoon as it always brings back so many memories.

As I mentioned at the start of this blog post there are so many games that I could say help define me as a person but it’s incredibly hard to choose just four. What I’m interested to know is what four games you would choose. Let me know on Twitter or in the comments below.

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