Pokémon: A Trip Down Memory Lane

A few days ago I had gone to help my Grandparents with a few odd jobs around their house when I came across a couple of boxes with my name on. The first one contained some books and keepsakes from when I was younger. The second box to my initial amazement contained a lot of my old Pokémon cards, toys, books and movies from when I was younger. There was a third box that belonged to my brother which contained a lot of his trading cards. Needless to say, my inner child was extremely happy!

I had a search through the box and first took a look at each of the trading card folders. There was four in total. One for the Base set, one for the Jungle set and one for the Fossil set. None of the sets were 100% complete but they were pretty close. The fourth folder contained a mixture of shiny cards, promo cards, an Ancient Mew card and a few others. Looking through the cards brought back so many memories of when I use to trade cards with my friends, hide them from teachers at school when trading Pokemon cards were banned and spending countless hours reorganizing them.

As I went through the box a bit more I found a tin with more cards in. They were a mixture of duplicates and individual cards. The first three Pokémon movies on VHS, various small figures, a couple of plush toys, a few other random bits and bobs and my original Pokédex. To my amazement, the Pokedex actually still turned on and worked perfectly.

After looking through all the things my Grandparent’s had kept it got me thinking about how I first got started with the Pokémon video games. The first game of the series that I played was my friend’s copy of Pokémon Red and we spent all summer completing the game. I was hooked from the get-go. When I got my Game Boy Advance I was able to choose Pokémon Yellow as part of the bundle. I have lost count of how many times I have played Pokémon Yellow now and even to this day I still own the original cartridge and it still works!

Since initially getting Pokémon Yellow I have collected most of the games since. Whether it was brand new or second hand. Some of the newer games I’ve played through once or twice and then only picked them up again when trading Pokémon between games but Pokémon Gold, Pokémon Soul Silver, Pokémon Y and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire are games I have gone back to countless times and just replayed them again and again. The Jhoto region games especially Silver and Gold plus the Nintendo DS remakes always will hold a lot of memories from when I was younger.

Currently, I’m playing through Pokémon Ultra Moon which I’ve recently got back into and I still pick up the odd pack of trading cards here and there but I don’t collect them like I use to.

It’s also crazy to see that today marks the one-thousandth episode of the television series! It’s incredible to see how far the show has come from the days of exploring Kanto. I’ve been following the Twitter hashtag to mark today’s episode and it’s been fun to look through and seeing other people’s memories of the Pokémon franchise.

For now, though I shall leave you with the original PokéRap while I continue my adventures in Alola and try and beat Pokémon Ultra Moon.


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