Why I Traded in Sea of Thieves

As the title of today’s blog post suggests I recently traded in my copy of Sea of Thieves. Now don’t get me wrong it’s not something I would do regularly with a fairly new release but this was a bit different.

Sea of Thieves was such a highly anticipated game for 2018 and I loved the whole concept of the game, in fact, I loved everything that the game had to offer. Even more so after sitting in on Rare’s Sea of Thieves multiplayer panel at RTX London 2017.

I briefly talked about my first few moments in the game in the My Month In Gaming: March blog post and at this point, I was still very optimistic and happy to give the game a chance as well as play with some friends once they had picked up their copies a few days after me.

Where do I start with Sea of Thieves? Well within the first five minutes of playing the game I had lost my poor little ship and was having to find my way off the island another way to start my pirate adventure. That aside though I really haven’t played much of Sea of Thieves yet. A lot of my friends had to wait until the end of March to purchase the game and our plan is to set up a group of us to set sail on our adventures sometime next week. Currently, I have some mixed feelings about the game but that is purely down to the fact that I haven’t played the game much and also have only played on a solo voyage. I can see that Sea of Thieves has great potential and hope to see more content added over the coming months.

After finally setting sail with some friends and playing with them for a few weeks I still just couldn’t get into the game. I felt that there was something missing. As to what I still can’t pinpoint the exact thing that is missing. At the start of the blog post I mentioned about how I love the concept of the game and everything about it but I was starting to feel more disheartened the more I played I knew something wasn’t right and that Sea of Thieves sadly would end up sitting on my shelf collecting dust hence why I ended up trading the game in.

Now, this isn’t to say that I will never play Sea of Thieves again. Give it a few more months and I’ll more than likely pick it up again and give it another go as I really do want to like Sea of Thieves. Of course, this is not at all anything negative against Rare or the Team behind the game as I know they have all worked incredibly hard on this game and they should be immensely proud of what they have achieved with the game but at this moment in time Sea of Thieves sadly isn’t for me.

I know that there is new content being added in patches which should see the addition of private crews being added and talks about upcoming downloadable content called The Hungering Deep with more information being released by Rare in the coming days. I’m looking forward to seeing what the new content is all about.

For now, though I will continue to follow the game’s development through the team’s regular updates and communication with the community until I pick Sea of Thieves up again.

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