My Month In Gaming: May

May has been a very full on and hectic month for me. I didn’t really find myself reaching for any new games as such despite adding a couple to my collection but I’ve played a few favourites this month.

Splatoon 2

For the second month in a row, Splatoon 2 is making an appearance in a My Month In Gaming post and it’s all because of how much I’m enjoying the game.

I’ve been watching a streamer called YukonVsBumble on Twitch for the last few months who mainly plays Splatoon 2 and I managed to find some time when one of his streams was on to play alongside him and some other stream viewers and it was such great fun! Not only have I managed to play alongside others on a few other streams but I’ve also noticed that I’m improving in the games instead of just running in and hoping for the best. I’ve still got a lot to learn especially if I want to work on my ranked level too!

Ultimately though I’ve really been enjoying Splatoon 2 and I keep finding myself reaching for it when I do want to play my Switch. I’ve also been trying to finish the story mode on Splatoon 2 ahead of the Act expansion which is due to be released in the next couple of months. I’m not too far off completing it now which is good but I just need to push myself to finish it.

Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles

If you follow my blog or on Twitter you may have already seen that I shared a blog post about Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles not too long ago which you can check out here. Since posting that blog post I’ve progressed further through the game and I am absolutley hooked on it. It is such a relaxing game that you can pick up and play anywhere whether that is on the go or sat on the sofa relaxing after a long day at work. One aspect of the game that I do like is how there is no combat in the game so your main focus is completing the quests, exploring and harvesting throughout the game.

The Sims 3

Loading up The Sims 3 for the first time in months did take me on a bit of a nostalgia trip. Although the graphics don’t look as good in places it’s still such a great game. I mainly loaded up my old save as I wanted to explore the Seasons expansion that I have for the game while I wait for The Sims 4 Seasons to release in June. I honestly forgot just how different The Sims 3 is compared to The Sims 4 but in a good way. They are both separate games and both have their uniqueness which I love regardless of how much of the additional downloadable content you have.

Other than these three games and a little bit of Overwatch this month I haven’t really played any other games. I have picked up the new Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze game for the Nintendo Switch and I also have acquired a Nintendo Labo which I’m yet to start having a look at but I will hopefully be able to start exploring the Labo concept soon.

I did also upgrade my computer mouse this month as my old one was on it’s way out. It did do me well and will probably be used as a spare for the time being. I’ve upgraded to the lovely Razer Deathadder Elite which I was a little sceptical about to start with but a few weeks in I’m finding no issues with it. It’s comfortable to use for long periods of time and of course you have so much you can customize for your individual gaming needs as well.

As for games that I am trying to complete still they will remain the same for now as I haven’t played any of the games I’ve listed this month.

PlayStation 4 – Horizon Zero Dawn

Xbox One – Assassins Creed Origins

Nintendo Switch – Super Mario Odyssey

June is looking to be a very busy month for me for a number of reasons but I’ll hopefully still have a little bit of time left to play a few games. Of course, June is also the month of E3 which I am really looking forward to and also to see what Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo amongst many others have been working on since last years E3 event.


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