For Fans & First-Timers

About a year ago I decided that I wanted to try out a new game. One that I would maybe overlook for other games, a different franchise but at the same time, I wanted something that would captivate me and let me get lost within the story and the world that it is built upon. Now in the past (when I was a lot younger) I had “played” a few demos from this game franchise and as much as I was intrigued by the games I never could really get into the Final Fantasy games. This was until I picked up Final Fantasy XV.

I wrote a small blog post last year about Final Fantasy XV and at the time I was only about ten hours in and had absolutely fallen in love with the game. If I remember rightly I completed the main story in about 18 hours. I still to this day need to complete the side quests and a few other smaller parts of the game. I did go on to start playing Final Fantasy XIV Online and while I have been enjoying playing I’ve taken a step away from the game for a while but plan to go back soon.

You can check out my previous blog post about Final Fantasy XV here

Fast Forward to the start of this year and Square Enix announced that they were planning on releasing Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition to co-inside with the Windows release of the game. Ultimately the Royal Edition adds all of the existing downloadable content like Episode Prompto, Episode Ignis, Episode Gladiolus and the multiplayer expansion Comrades that was released for the game and more. With a few more missions add and the option to explore the Insomnia City Ruins, sail the Royal Vessel and more.

Now I’ve been playing Comrades on and off on Xbox One for the last few months but a part of me wanted to just start all over again and experience the game again like it was the first time. After debating whether or not to just buy the Royal Edition upgrade or just buy the full Royal Edition game on disk for the PlayStation 4. In all honesty, there was very little cost wise in it and grabbed the physical copy of the game from Argos.

So here I am again getting lost within the world and each of the character’s story in my new playthrough of the game. This time around I am aiming to do more of the side quests and just take the time to explore. Use Prompto’s photography skill, find new recipes and go fishing amongst other things. There’s just something about this game that keeps me interested for long periods of time and I don’t find myself getting bored of the game quickly like I have others.

If you haven’t already played Final Fantasy XV or are considering getting it I do recommend it. It’s not overly expensive and as the game states when you load it up it’s a Final Fantasy for Fans and First-Timers and I fully agree with that comment.


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