Throwback Thursday: PlayStation 2 Edition

Today’s blog post is a bit of a throwback Thursday. This all really came about as I was clearing some stuff out of the loft at home and came across a selection of PlayStation Boy did it bring back some memories. I just need to invest in a working PlayStation 2 in order to play them now! There were over 40 games piled up in this one box but there were a small handful that stood out to me when I was going throught them.


This was a game that my Dad picked up to play but he would usually find me playing it early in the morning at the weekends. SSX 3 was my first experience of the SSX franchise but there was just something about this game that I loved. I was terrible at this game when it first came out and was forever messing up tricks and coming last in races but eventually, everything came together and I was doing better. I can’t remember if I completed the game fully, I know I got fairly far within the game but I did like to just replay the same thing again and again. I believe that SSX 3 is actually playable on Xbox One which is something I’m definitely going to be checking out in the near future.

The Sims

Although I had been playing The Sims on PC for a little while I was excited when I was given a copy for the PlayStation 2. I don’t remember too much about the game itself I mainly just remember a lot of objects use to break or my Sims would set things on fire. What else do you really expect from a The Sims game though?

Dogs Life

This is a bit of a different one. I remember reading about this game in a PlayStation 2 magazine but for some random reason, the game was ridiculously hard to find. I eventually found a copy randomly at a car boot sale one summer and decided to give it a go. I think for the time of its release it was a very different game compared to others that were out. I mean how many games do you get to run around and see the world through the eyes of a dog? There’s not many that I know of. Overall though it was a brilliant fun game to explore and play.

Hardware Online Arena

This is probably my earliest memory of online gaming. Driving around in a tank or jeep and completing objectives, playing Team Death Match or just driving around and having no idea where you are supposed to be going in my case. I use to play this game with my uncle and a few of his friends. Not only that we had to add the PS2 Network Adapter to our PlayStation 2 to even allow us to play online. The game was loads of fun and not too bad for an early online multiplayer game.

The Simpsons Games

I only ever owned The Simpsons Skateboarding and also The Simpsons Road Rage. I never played The Simpsons Hit & Run.  I think what made them so enjoyable is because of how much I loved watching The Simpsons on TV. The aims of both games were pretty straightforward and also great fun at the same time. With The Simpsons Skateboarding when doing tricks I use to just hit a mixture of buttons and hope for the best. In all honesty I probably could have earnt higher scores if I actually tried to use the correct button combinations!

Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup

I played this game so much! It was while Harry Potter was the main big thing everyone was in to. Like SSX 3 I played so much of this game both against the other Hogwarts Houses and also the teams in the Quidditch World Cup itself. Out of the Harry Potter games released and that I have played this is definitely one of my favourites to play.

Do you have any standout games from the PlayStation 2 era or even one that brings back great memories? Then let me know below in the comments!


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