Throwback Thursday: My First Gaming Event

I’ve spent the last couple of days starting to plan a few odds and ends ready for RTX London in September. Mainly just working out travel, food & drink,  what I need to pack, that kind of thing. I’m one of these people who likes to make sure things are organised in plenty of time but I’ll still be packing the night before! It got me thinking about the first gaming event I ever went to. It was really a treat for my brother’s birthday and as it was a smaller event I thought it would be perfect for our first experience and it was such a great day despite some small mishaps. In fact it was a super busy week as I was in London earlier that week as well for a concert.

This is actually the blog post I shared on my old blog back in 2016. I was very, very new to blogging then. I would write about anything and everything gaming related. This, however, is the full un-edited version of the blog post. So here is this weeks edition of Throwback Thursday and I hope you enjoy!

My day at EGX Rezzed 2016 was long but filled with getting soaked and losing a London Underground day pass but overall making some great memories and meeting some great people.

The day started off about 6am as I had to get the bus to the train station just before 7am. The train its self-didn’t arrive until about 7.45am. The train arrived and excellent no spare seats anywhere (this is pretty normal actually). Luckily I found somewhere out of the way where my brother and I could sit even if it meant sitting on the floor for the next two and a half hours. To pass the time I started playing a bit more of Pokémon Soul Silver and another passenger noticed I was playing Pokémon. He asked if I had Pokémon Omega Ruby but told him I didn’t but had Alpha Sapphire instead. This then turned into a little Battle between us which was pretty entertaining and certainly passed the time. Unfortunately, I didn’t win which I didn’t mind as my opponent was about ten years old and he did put up a good battle.

We arrived in Waterloo Station just before 10am. Got stuck at the ticket barriers and then finally on our way to catch the tube to Tobacco Dock. When we arrived at Tobacco Dock there was not much of a wait to get into the venue or even to get wristbands. At this point, my brother and I were super excited to finally be at the event. As this was an early birthday treat for him I had been planning for a while I was happy to see it all coming together.

I’ve never been to Tobacco Dock but it’s a lovely venue and a perfect size for EGX Rezzed. As you were guided to the entrance I was greeted by a lovely couple of guys from Greenman Gaming who were yelling “free games”. They passed me a little carrier bag which had a piece of card with the details as to how you obtain this mystery bundle. As soon after you are greeted by some people armed with iPads wanting you to sign up for a gaming newsletter. Finally, you make it inside. With EGX merchandise straight in front of you. They had the normal kind of thing you would expect. T-shirts, hoodies, bags, key rings and much more. Overall it was at really affordable prices.

The first room we went to was the Indie Room which also had the board games section there too. This room was packed! It was crammed. I didn’t get a chance to play many games in the first half of the room. To be honest you could hardly get near enough to see what the games were. From what I did manage to see looked pretty impressive. Sadly I couldn’t catch many of the names of the games.

As we moved through the room we got to a game where the developers were just talking to a couple of people and I started to listen to the developers talk about their mobile game. This game was the Pocket Galaxy app. The developers invited me to try the game out. I loved the game. I’ve never really been into games on mobile devices but this I really enjoyed. The aim simply is to destroy each planet by tapping on it and then, to move onto the next planet. Then beat the boss planet before the timer runs out. You get to choose your ship and there are also power-ups that help you progress through the game. Overall it was great fun and really enjoyable. I believe that the game is out on the Apple App Store and is planned for the Android Store at a later date.

The next game that I got to look at was Sol Trader and to be honest I’m not sure how to explain it as I jumped into the game part way through. The game is based in space and you are able to find out about your family history and parts of your past by talking to various friends, family, staff and residents on the space station and so on. From what I played it was quietly enjoyable just wish I could have filled you in a bit more about the game.

Moving on we had a wander around the merchandise stalls. Picked up a little goodie bag from LMEGaming for £3 which was awesome and contained some Pokemon cards and a few other goodies, grabbed an EGX t-shirt for my brother and carried on exploring the basement.

We headed towards Playstation VR which already had a nice big queue to get in as did NVIDIA so gave it a miss. I explored a bit more looked at Square Enix and a few other rooms again all had content that was impressive and exciting. I also managed to look at the Just Cause room which was awesome just need to buy the game myself now.

While I was queuing up for the ID@ Xbox room my brother and I got talking to the people in front of me and we ended up talking about various games that we have played or are playing currently. It was nice just to talk to other gamers and see what they think about different bits and bobs about gaming.

Admittedly I would have spent more time at the event although we did spend about 5 hours there. As part of the birthday surprises, there were another few things planned for while we were in London which my brother loved. This included taking him to Forbidden Planet to get some more gaming merchendise, a trip to Nandos for dinner and some sightseeing all before getting the train back home. We were both well and truly exhausted by the time we eventually got back from our three hour commute back home but every single part of it was worth it.

Overall though I really enjoy EGX Rezzed 2016. I know my brother througherly enjoyed his birthday treat and I will definitely be looking at going to more gaming events in the future and hopefully EGX Rezzed 2017 as well!

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