My Month In Gaming: July

I’ve been a little bit quieter on what I’ve been playing this month but despite everything that’s been going on in real life here’s this month My Month In Gaming blog post!

The Sims 4 Seasons

This featured in last months My Month In Gaming post but in all honesty, I just can not get enough of it. It’s added so many new ways to play the game and the new expansion pack has made the game so addicting again.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2

I’ve picked this game back up after not playing for a good few months and now I remember why I was hooked on it. I never had played a Xenoblade Chronicles game before but after reading reviews online and watching some YouTube videos and live streams I was sold. I know I still have a long way to go from completing the game but a part of me really doesn’t want the game to end. I have also got the Season Pass content to start as well at some point but that is a while off yet.

Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition

I’m still very much enjoying Final Fantasy XV. I’ve been playing it a bit differently to when I played the game the first time but taking it all in, completing side quests and just exploring the game.  I really enjoyed the story but I feel that taking the time and making an effort to complete the side quests really does make the story come alive even more. Of course with the Royal Edition of the games, there’s so much more content to discover once the main game is completed. I also wrote a little bit about Final Fantasy XV earlier this month in another blog post that you can check out here.

I also mentioned in my last My Month In Gaming about Boomerang Game Rentals. I’m still going strong with that. I am currently waiting for my next game to come through and currently have no idea which game on my list it could be so it’s always a surprise!

That’s it for this My Month In Gaming. A short but sweet blog post this time around. I have decided that I’m not going to continue with the games I am trying to complete segment of the post. Although I am still continuing to play them it is very much here and there as to when I play them.

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