Game Review: Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer

As I was sorting through my games the other day I came across Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer.  The game was announced in a Nintendo Direct back in April 2015. Despite being a fan of the Animal Crossing franchise I was still very much on the fence about getting it. I picked the game up back in 2016 (if I remember correctly) and played it for a short time but I thought now was a perfect time to take another look at it. Despite the mixed reviews the game initially recieved I decided to check it out again.

I started up a new game and so far I have played about seven or so hours of Happy Home Designer and I’m really enjoying the game so far. It’s fairly straight forward and easy to pick up the game mechanics. It has a really relaxed feel when you play.

You start off with a few small single rooms to design for clients before moving onto helping design various facilities in the town and complete houses too. There over three hundred clients each with their own vision of how they want their room/property to look. There are plenty of items to choose from in the catalogue to help you meet your clients desired look. The new catalogue is miles better for finding items in also!

When it comes to designing these rooms it is pretty straight forward. By using the touch pad to move and place items, rotate and amend items it’s a piece of cake. Of course at this stage I don’t feel like I am very far through the game but at the same time I have completed a fair few home designs.

For me there is still a lot of the game to explore and discover but so far I haven’t found anything negative minus the minor issue here and there but that’s the same with any game.

The only other aspect of Happy Home Designer I have not looked at in great detail is how Amiibo’s intergrate into the game yet it is something I would like to take a look at at some point. I didn’t look

Overall I can’t fault the game really. I do feel like it’s a game that you can just pick up when you want to have that lazy Sunday afternoon on the sofa or even if you are just looking for a relaxing  to pick up and play for a while. Other than that if you are a fan of Animal Crossing then it’s a game you want to add to your collection.

2 thoughts on “Game Review: Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer

  1. I pre-ordered HHD, fangirled over it and then forgot all about it! It’s such a sweet game and I really need to get back into it. Animal Crossing is a very Autumn / Winter game for me so hopefully I can dust off my DS and get stuck back into playing.

    Might do the same as you and start a new game ;D although I’m wishing for an AC game for the Switch soon. Fingers crossed. ^_^

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