Throwback Thursday: Runescape

And just like that, as I was scrolling through Facebook. Today’s Throwback Thursday topic became clear. Runescape!

Now don’t get me wrong the last time I properly played Runescape was a very long time ago but it was really my first introduction to a browser-based MMORPG. Well, really an introduction to my first ever MMORPG. Looking back I was definitely in way over my head at the time and not really sure what I was doing but somehow I survived.

I started playing Runescape when a friend at school told me about it. In fact, it was a bit of a craze at my school at the time. I say a bit of a craze, in fact, it was a huge craze. Nearly as big as the Pokemon craze!

I started off playing what is now called Old School Runescape and being inexperienced with the world of MMORPG’s I chose a name and of course looking back at it now it seems a bit cringy and embarrassing (for now that name will stay a secret too). As expected I started off with the tutorial and progressed from there with quests, levelling up skills and exploring the world. Eventually, I started to play with a group of friends, organising our “guild” via MSN and the times we were going to play and basically what we were going to be doing for that day. I lost numerous weekends to this game but at the same time, it was always filled with some great memories.

Countless hours were also spent fishing on a crowded pier over at Musa Point and also getting my woodcutting levels up. I mean having level seventy plus woodcutting skill could come in handy one day.

I also remember standing in the market square in Varrok trying to sell items while typing in commands to make my text different colours and wavy. It worked some of the time but not every time. I do remember at times just how much this area would lag for me with everyone spamming their messages. It was crazy at times but brilliant fun at the same time.

Although there were many times when I really wasn’t sure I knew what I was doing (like the time I wandered into the wilderness for the first time with all my gear. Promptly died and lost everything.) I still had loads of fun. I vaguely remember the special events and getting the exclusive emotes and items. I think these were for Christmas and Easter celebrations although there may have been a few more events I took part in.

I only really ever played as a free member although I did a few times spend my phone credit on buying the £5 monthly membership so I could access more features. Of course, this left my parents wondering why I had no credit left at times.

For whatever reason, though I slowly drifted away from Runescape and it became a game I would forget about for a few years. I did try to log in with my old account and although I had the username, I couldn’t remember the password and sadly the email account it was associated with is long gone too.

Without being knocked back by that I did, however, download the current version of Runescape and jumped in just to see how much had changed. My goodness, it has changed a lot since I last played. The game has received a huge overhaul in numerous ways. More than I can possibly count.

I created a new account and started off going through the tutorial. Although it seems a lot shorter from the old tutorial you still learn the basics you need to start off with. The locations are still the same from before and currently I was exploring Lumbridge and doing a small handful of quests before exploring outside of the town.

It’s definitely been good fun having a look at Runescape. Whether I stick with it or not I don’t know at the moment. I feel I need to play the game for a few more hours to get a feel for it and see how that goes.

That’s it for this weeks Throwback Thursday post. I did have lots of fun writing this and also rediscovering Runescape too! Let me know if you have ever played Runescape and what some of your favourite memories are of the game.

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