Review: Power Up Pins

One thing that has slowly been growing over the last few months is my collection of pin badges. Now there are so many different variations you can get and in my “little” collection I’ve got a right mixture. I’ve got Pokemon ones, ones I have picked up from events, some from work but some of my favourite ones though come from the lovely Power Up Pins.

Power Up Pins are based in the United Kingdom, ship worldwide and have a variety of gaming and pop culture themed pins on their site and Etsy store all at reasonable prices. Not only that they also stock patches, stickers and jewellery with all the products being made to a lovely high-quality standard. I’ve always experience outstanding customer service and always have received my orders quickly with full updates too.

I have many favourite pin badges from Power Up Pins but some of my favourites are Alpaccorn, Marshmallow Donut Cat, the Game Boy-inspired pin and the retro arcade machine pin. The list could honestly go on. I do still want to get the Star Wars inspired pins as well to add to my ever-growing collection at some point too!

You can find Power Up Pins on Etsy. Visit their official site and check them out on Twitter!

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