PlayStation Memories

Today’s blog post wasn’t originally going to be focused around a bit of PlayStation nostalgia but a little tweet from PlayStationEU this morning changed my mind. If you have been following recently the Sony PlayStation has just hit over 500 million units sold since the original PlayStation was first launched back in December 1994 and to celebrate you may have seen images of the limited edition 500 Million PlayStation 4 Pro which looks incredible!

The Tweet got me thinking about my own experience/journey with PlayStation over the years and how it has become host to some of my favourite games and franchises.

My earliest memory of playing a PlayStation game was probably trying to play Spyro the Dragon at around six years old with my uncle. It wasn’t until I was slightly older that I started playing more games with a friend during the Summer holidays at school. We would sit with the PlayStation hooked up to an old television waiting for the startup tune to play. We had the tune this television in just right or it wouldn’t work.  I remember we would play Pandemonium, Rayman, Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone and many more. I think there was even a Grand Theft Auto game or two that we played at times too.

It wasn’t until about 2001 when my Dad bought a PlayStation 2 after taking some advice/influence from my Uncle. I  had been out at an event for one of my hobbies at the time and came home and found my Dad playing it with the biggest smile on his face. It became one of those things that my Dad and I loved doing. Especially playing two player split screen games at the weekends. The PlayStation two also played host to a lot of games that really stand out in my childhood like The Sims 2, The Simpsons games, Harry Potter Quidditch World Cup, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon, Hardware Online Arena and so many more!

Video credit to: N2SC4RVideos

Although my Dad upgraded to a PlayStation 3 it was more my brother who spent time playing games on the console than myself. I was very much into PC gaming and also I had my Xbox 360 as well at the time. There are many games that I do want to try and I’m pretty sure the PlayStation 3 still works it just needs to be dusted off a little first.

Admittedly I kind of drifted away from PlayStation for a while with the exception of picking up my PlayStation Vita back at the end of 2015. It wasn’t until the very end of 2017, New Year’s Eve in fact that I finally jumped on board and picked up my PlayStation 4 and I’ve got to say I’m so glad I finally purchased one. There are so many games that I wanted to get on this console that I have now been able to play including Horizon Zero Dawn, Overwatch, Person 5, Final Fantasy XIV, Ni No Kunii II and the Kingdom Hearts franchise (yes, I’m very late to the party with this one and I still don’t understand why.) In fact, there are many games that I’m still wanting to check out on PlayStation 4 when I get a chance as well as many that I haven’t discovered yet.

It’s still incredible that in over twenty years of producing consoles, thousands of games and creating millions of memories that the PlayStation has now sold over 500 million units. It’s crazy but for me, over those years I’ve made some great memories of playing PlayStation games. I still have my original PlayStation One which I picked up from a car boot many years ago which still works! I mean it’s seen much better days but it works.

I hope that for more years to come that PlayStation will keep delivering numerous amazing games and of course it will be interesting to find out more about the rumoured PlayStation 5 but personally I think we are still a little way off of recieving that information.

Let me know if you have any memories growing up with PlayStation or even what some of your favourite games are for the console in the comments!


2 thoughts on “PlayStation Memories

  1. I love posts like these 🙂 I have so many wonderful memories of Playstation that it’s hard to remember them all. But I certainly have a lot of love for the brand and the experiences it’s given me 🙂

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