A Bit Of A Mixture

It’s been a little while since I’ve done a post like this but here’s a small insight into a few of the things I’ve picked up recently which includes a mixture of gaming and technology goodies and even a book!


Other than one game recently the games I’ve picked up have all been pre-owned items.

The first couple of games I picked up were from a local charity shop that I spotted one day when I was passing by. There was a variety of games for PlayStation 4 on display ranging from Minecraft to Fifa but I picked up a copy of Destiny and also NBA2K17. This might seem a little bit of an odd purchase but I grabbed Destiny just because it was there and was only £1.50.  NBA2K17 I picked up for £2 was only because I have never played an NBA game and I’ve always been interested in giving on ago if I found it at a good price. Being that it is the 2017 edition I wasn’t too worried about it being slightly outdated.

My only full priced purchase and one that actually was a new release. This happened to be Wario Ware Gold for the Nintendo 3DS. I loved playing the earlier Wario Ware games and I’ve been having loads of fun playing it as well

I also had a bit of a The Sims themed purchase as well. I recently set up my Nintendo Wii again and really wanted to play The Sims Bustin’ Out again. I managed to find a copy on GameCube from CeX for £2  and also picked up a GameCube controller and memory card so that I am able to play. The other The Sims purchase came from eBay and was in the form of The Sims Medieval Collectors Edition. Again this was another bargain purchase at just £1.50 excluding postage. It also came with all the extras associated with the collector’s edition and other than some small signs of wear and tear it’s in perfect condition.


This isn’t something I would normally talk about but I will make an exception this time around. I recently picked up a book by Aby Moore called Blogs Change Lives. I have to say from what I have read so far it is amazing! Not only has it inspired me and helped me with my blogging but it is just a wonderful book overall. I still have a fair bit to read but I definitely do recommend looking into it if you are interested in starting a blog or already are a blogger.


Technology wise the only thing I have really purchased recently was my phone. Well, it wasn’t really a purchase but an upgrade due to my contract being ready for renewal. Despite all the issues with upgrading I’m really happy with my Samsung S9+. Although I only upgraded from the Google Pixel 2 and that it is Android to Android I’ve noticed just how very different the two phones are. Also, the camera on the Samsung S9+ is incredible and I’ve captured some lovely photos with it too!

I hope you enjoyed today’s blog post. Let me know if you have picked up anything recently or something that you are looking forward to picking up soon whether it is a new game, console or anything else.

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