Thinking About The Sims

Earlier this week The Sims 4 celebrated its fourth birthday. It really does not seem like it has been that long at all. I remember sitting at my computer a few hours before it first launched waiting for it to pre-load so I could sleep for a little and then jump on as soon as I woke up.

The game its self-has changed a lot since the initial base game and at this point in 2018, we have on PC/MAC alone five Expansion Packs, six Game Packs and fourteen Stuff Packs. This doesn’t include any of the free content The Sims team have added to the game via patches. We also know that there is at least another three years worth of content still to come to this installment of The Sims franchise and as to what that will include who knows.

Since the start of this year, The Sims 4 on PC/MAC has had a number of new packs that have opened up even more for the game including the highly anticipated Seasons expansion pack. We’ve also had Jungle Adventures, the community involved stuff pack Laundry Day and My First Pet Stuff.  It may not be as much content as we have seen in previous years but I’m sure the wait for the next pack will be worth it.

That’s not all though! The Sims 4 is approaching its first birthday over on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in a couple of months and earlier this year The Sims Mobile was finally rolled out worldwide to Simmers. Both of these versions have regularly been updated with new content and features much like the PC/MAC version of the game.

Currently, on Origin, my game time for The Sims 4 comes in at around 700 hours. This is not all time spent playing the game. Some of this includes the time I’ve spent capturing screenshots and gather information for content on The Sims Community website.  As for the console, I would say I’m around the 100-hour mark give or take a handful of hours. I know this is nowhere near the number of hours some Simmers have.

I get asked a lot about which packs are my favourite/least favourite. Honestly, I would find it difficult to rank all the downloadable content from best to worst. Each pack I find has it’s strong points and weak points and I’m sure many Simmers would feel the same. I always try to incorporate as much as possible from the extra content into my game but it really depends on what it is I’m doing.

I’ve grown up playing The Sims since the early days and being able to see how each instalment has changed and how the franchise has grown along the way has been amazing as well as being inspiring.

The Sims 4, however, has helped me reach out and play a part in the community. There have been some amazing moments over the last eighteen months that I am hugely grateful to have had the opportunity to be a part of. Not only that I have made some amazing friends within the game’s community too.

As for future content like many, I would love to see a University themed pack, as well as a Supernatural/Magic pack, make a comeback in The Sims 4. I would like to see more features/content of things we haven’t seen in The Sims before but not knowing what is in store next is a little nerve-racking but exciting at the same time.

The Sims franchise as a whole holds many many fond memories for me from the moment it was released to how the game is now. It’s still crazy to think that it’s been four years since The Sims 4 was first released but I’m excited to see what The Sims team has planned for the future of the franchise.


2 thoughts on “Thinking About The Sims

  1. Love reading your posts! ❤ I only started playing the sims about 6 years ago when I got “The Sims 3: Pets” for my Xbox 360, which was my first xbox console. I was starting high school and it was such a nice relief at the end of a long day or week. I can’t believe how much I love this game. I’ve been playing The Sims 4 on ps4 since it was released, and I can’t get enough of it. I currently have the work, vampire, and glamour (I think it’s called?). It came in a three pack I believe. Are there any other packs you would recommend that are currently available to the console version? I’d love to hear your thoughts! 😊

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    1. Thank you! ❤ I was playing The Sims 3 Pets a few days ago on Xbox 360 actually. Brought back some great memories!

      I've been playing a lot on console lately too. As for extra packs, expansion pack wise, I would recommend either Cats & Dogs or City Living. Gamepack wise Parenthood is really good and Stuff Pack wise I would say Laundry Day, Kids Stuff or Backyard Stuff. I'm really excited to see how Seasons will work on console compared to PC when it does get a release date for Xbox/PS4 too.


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