Throwback Thursday: Loco, Racers & Raiders

We all have those games we remember spending hours upon hours playing when we were younger. For me, I spent a lot of time playing the Lego games on PC. Although I was only about nine years old when I first started playing the Lego games I instantly fell in love with them but then again I loved Lego from a young age too.

The first game I played was released in 1998 and was called Lego Loco. It was a very simple straightforward game where all you needed to do was build a town for your Lego people to live in. The main aspect was to have a railway line run through your town. You were also able to control the train too.

There was no storyline or missions to complete you were free to do what you wanted. There was also no budgets or building costs like you see in other City building games.  Another fun feature included in the game was that you could send and sometimes receive postcards via the internet providing it had been set up.

Video by Snarkie3 on Youtube

It was Christmas when I started playing Lego Loco and when I first loaded up the game all the trees had turned into Christmas Trees and there was snow everywhere. There were different secret events depending on the time of year as well. I always got a bit disappointed when the events finished. There were also little surprises in-game as well if you placed certain objects a certain way i.e placing a lake and surrounding it with sunflowers would cause Nessie to surface.  I spent many, many hours playing this game and looking back now I really do miss it and would love to play it again.

After being hooked on Lego Loco I discovered that there were even more Lego games including Lego Island, Lego Creator and many more.

Lego Racers was another one of my favourites and looking back now was pretty much inspired by Mario Kart just built from Lego and just as much fun. I loved every aspect of the game. The gameplay, the music, the racing, building cars, everything really. It was again a game I spent a lot of time with and probably the first racing game I played properly. I spent so much time trying to become the Lego Racers Champion as well.

Lego Racers was probably the first game that I completed fully on my own with no help and this may have also been one of the first games that I rage quit on more than one occasion too.

Video by NinjaOfLeaf

Lego Rock Raiders still has to be my number one of my favourite Lego games. It was a mission-based strategy game where you needed your team of Rock Raiders to collect a certain amount of Energy Crystals from the caverns to be able to finish that mission. Of course, there was other mishaps and objectives you needed to complete and the occasional Rock Monster that needed defeating to be able to progress further. I remember having loads of fun with this game as it was different to other games I had at the time. Although to this day I still haven’t managed to unlock the alternative ending for the game.

Watching the walkthrough from Jessietail brought back so many more memories. I recently stumbled across the disk for the game and I’m hoping that I can get it working on my laptop at some point soon.

Video by Jessietail on Youtube

The last PC Lego game I played would have been Lego Alpha Team. I only managed to play this game for a short amount of time as it ended up not running at all on my computer due to an issue.

After Lego Alpha Team, I moved over to PlayStation/Xbox versions of the games. I’ve played a fair few of the console versions but must say that I have really enjoyed both of the Lego Harry Potter games and also the Lego Star Wars games as well. I’ve always felt that Lego games are nice to play when you just want to chill out and relax at the end of a long busy day. Plus they are great if you want a fun multiplayer game to play and full of little-hidden surprises.

I think I will always find myself playing a Lego game of some description. I guess you can never be too old to play with Lego!

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