Getting Ready For RTX London

This weekend I am attending RTX London and I will be leaving on Friday to collect my badges, explore London and to save some time on Saturday. This is also the first time I am doing a full weekend at a convention too!

By the time you are reading this blog post I have either arrived in London or I am still on my way to London.

Usually, when I am going away for a weekend I tend to be fairly organised. I’ll have a list written out of everything that needs packing and needs to be done before going away for the weekend written out for about a couple of weeks. It’s also allowed me time to buy anything that I specifically need for the weekend in advance too. This time, however, I’m pretty unorganised and as I write this I am currently surrounded by a handful of devices charging up.

Now, this is nowhere near a definitive post about things you should o or take to any convention or gaming event but more just my personal preference.

When packing I tend to put a playlist from YouTube or Spotify on so that I can dance and sing along to it while getting things ready. Sometimes I’ll even put on a Twitch Stream instead. Today’s choice happened to be the This Is Panic! At The Disco playlist on Spotify which was good fun to listen to and get everything packed. High Hopes was definitely my favourite to dance around the room to today though!


High Hopes by Panic! At The Disco

The suitcase that I am taking with me this weekend fits everything that I need in there perfectly and I even have enough room for any extra little bits and bobs. I also have a tendency to over pack initially but then eliminate the things that I don’t really need while I’m packing which frees up even more room for me.

For the convention, I’ll only have a small bag with me with the essentials to get me through the day. A power bank is also going to be key for this weekend as well so I’ll need to make sure that is all charged up ready.

Most importantly and one of the things I will check a million times is that I have all the information that I need for checking into my hotel and also the information for collecting my RTX London Tickets once I arrive at the Excel.

Originally I was going to be getting the train to London but the price of the tickets plus also tickets for the Underground put me off so I’ve decided that it is easier and somewhat cheaper to travel by car to London instead.

Even though the packing and organising everything required for a weekend away can get a little stressful, I’m really looking forward to what is in store at this years RTX London.  If you are attending RTX London this year let me know in the comments below and keep an eye on my Twitter & Instagram where I will be sharing pictures and more over the weekend.


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