First Impressions: Overwatch

I stumbled across this word document the other day when clearing up some files on my laptop and it was just randomly named “OverwatchFT.doc” and I was a little confused as to what it was. It was only when I loaded it up that I realized that it was a little something that I wrote when Overwatch first came out but I never for some reason shared it on the blog that I had at the time. So here are my first thoughts on Overwatch.

I remember first hearing about overwatch when the first cinematic trailer popped up on my Twitter feed one day. I remember being drawn into it and wanting to know more about the characters and what happened next. I followed the games pre-launch videos on YouTube and picked the game up shortly after its initial launch.

Looking back (very briefly) at how much the game has developed since launch has me excited for what Blizzard has planned for the game’s future. The game has provided me with lots of laughs, fails, rage quits and more. I’m still not the greatest player in Overwatch but I’m getting there.

Blizzard’s exciting brand new multiplayer first-person shooter Overwatch is finally here and I have really been enjoying the game far more than I originally thought I would. I was torn as to which platform to get the game on but eventually, I settled on getting the game on PC.

After playing the tutorial, I jumped straight into a few quick play games to get an idea of the game and the of some of the characters. I started off swapping between Soldier 76 from the tutorial and then Repaper and Pharah.  Some characters are easier than others but the more you play a particular character the more you get use to them. up. After a few hours of playing, I started to explore another few characters including, Mercy and Bastion. Each character brings different strengths and weaknesses to the team but I’ve tried to choose a character that works best with others that are on my team.

The game modes are relatively easy to pick up and understand. The games are also fast-paced and varied as well which helps with the way each match plays out. As for matchmaking, I’ve had no issues at all considering I am playing on the North American server.  All my games have had quick matchmaking and subsequent games have followed through and started up quickly with nearly no re instancing or disconnecting.

I’ve gotten a few achievements in the game so far. These are Decorated (Earn 50 postgame medals in Quick or Competitive Play). Shoutout (Win a Control map without the enemy capturing an objective in Quick or Competitive Play). My most recent achievement is simply just to reach level ten which I have done and I’m now well on my way to level twenty and beyond.

For every time that you level up, you receive a free loot box. I like the way Blizzard has done this by the boxes containing just being cosmetic items, sprays and voice lines for the various characters. You can purchase more loot boxes via microtransactions but for now, I’m happy with getting one every time I level up.

My overall thoughts on the game so far? It’s enjoyable and definitely worth taking the time and playing the game even if you aren’t a big fan of first-person shooters. I think Blizzard has done a great job with the game and I look forward to seeing what additional content they plan to bring out in the future.

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