Throwback Thursday: My First Childhood Games

It’s a brand new month and what better way of kicking off that month than with a new Throwback Thursday post. The theme for this weeks post came from a conversation I had with my Dad a couple of weeks ago where we were talking about the games we played when we were younger and what some of the very firsts ones were that we could remember playing.

I do remember that I had a handful of games when I was younger. I don’t remember them all but here are three that I can.

Noddy’s Playtime

I actually did a bit of a search on Google for this game. It was a fun Noddy themed educational game which I think ran from a floppy disk. There was a selection of small minigames and you were able to drive around in Noddy’s car exploring Toyland. I’m not one hundred per cent sure but I do vaguely recall a mini-game where you had to dig Noddy out of jail and I think there was another drawing mini-game as well as a few others.

Video from LaurelGreenOther on Youtube.


Another game that I had was an 8-bit themed drawing/painting game which really was like paint but more kid-friendly.  I use to spend hours playing this game creating different pictures which I use to then print out and put into a scrapbook. I think there may still be one or two of those pictures in a memory box somewhere hidden away at my parents. IIn all honesty my drawing skills from when I was about five or six years old is probably not much different to my drawing skills now!

Mixed-Up Fairytales

The last game that I remember spending countless hours playing was Sierra On-Line’s Mixed-Up Fairytales games. I use to somehow muddle my way through the game when I first started playing the game but as I got a little bit older and understood that I had to do in the game the easier it became. The aim really was to figure out which fairytale a character belonged to. It really was a fun game that was good fun to play again and again.

Video from Lingyan203 on Youtube.

These are just three games that I can really remember being the first video games that I played. There were a few other games that were more educational games which helped with my Maths and English skills when I was younger but I didn’t really get too involved in video games until I was about eight/nine years old. I use to sit and watch my parents play games like Transport Tycoon, SimTower, Tomb Raider and Lemmings on PC before giving them a go myself.

Let me know what your earliest video game was or even some that stand out from when you were younger!

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