A Chilled Out Sunday Introduction

I don’t think I ever really took the time to properly introduce myself other than a very short introduction when I first started this blog. Since then I know my audience has grown so I wanted to take the time to introduce myself a little bit better.

So firstly hello, I’m Krista or as I’m better known as LeeksEverywhere on the blog and across social media. I’m a 90’s kid from the sunny South Coast of England who grew up with a love for gaming and technology (amongst other hobbies) and that is still very much true now in 2018.

I started blogging originally back in 2016 for a number of reasons but also because I love writing and wanted to create a space to share my content. At the time I didn’t really know what direction I was truly going in and although it was somewhat short lived I learnt a lot during that time and this helped me build and create this very blog. This little blog is something that I really am proud of and at the same time, I’ve had great fun creating content for it.

The world of video games was something that was introduced to me at a young age through my parents and various family members. My Dad also worked on computers a lot at home so I learnt a lot about building computers, installing operating systems and various software as well as how to test they were working correctly from about the age of nine.

Before I round off today’s blog post here’s a few random facts about myself.

  • My first console was a PlayStation One that I found in a local charity shop.
  • My other hobbies include cycling, reading, music, films and trampolining.
  • I use to be a competitive freestyle dancer when I was younger and won several regional titles.
  • I was once in an episode of the CBBC show Xchange for all of fifteen seconds.
  • The Sims is one of my favourite  childhood games alongside Pokémon Gold. (In all honesty, I have a lot of favourite games from when I was younger that it is really hard to pick just one)

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. I know It is not my normal type of post but felt it was somewhat overdue and the perfect post for what has been a lovely chilled out Sunday.

Don’t forget you can also find me on Twitter and Instagram under the name LeeksEverywhere.


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