What’s On my Mobile Phone?

Following on from Thursday’s mobile game review for Solbot Energy Rush, I decided to stay on the theme of mobile games and well mobile apps in general. More specifically what is on my phone.

Currently, I have a Samsung Galaxy S9+ which I’ve had for a couple of months now and to sum it up quickly I love this phone and it is definitely one of my favourites that I’ve had in a long time.

Now, I would describe my phone as organized chaos at the best of times. I don’t tend to have any apps on my home screen as I feel like it gets cluttered too easily, on the other hand, my apps screen currently looks a little like this.

First up in my app menu I have what would be called the essential apps which came built into my phone. I’ve always kept these at the top of my menu screens just to make it easier to find the apps. Also, folders are a lifesaver as well. I have several folders (one that isn’t shown in the image above) where I usually find myself grouping together similar apps.

I must admit the shopping folder is always a mess as I’m always moving apps around as well as adding more apps. I honestly don’t see the need for needing so many food ordering apps though. Can there not be one that just combines them all together? Other than that I’ve got the usual Amazon and eBay apps as well as apps like ASOS, H&M and many more.

Games wise I have five games currently on my phone. As well as Pokemon GO and Pocket Camp I also have The Sims Mobile, Town of Salem and Alphabear 2. I use to have a lot more games but I go through phases where I play them and then remove them as I no longer play them.

My Media folder truly a mixed bag. I’ve got photo editing apps in there, WordPress and other blogging apps, the Rooster Teeth app as well as apps for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The second screen on my apps menu is basically home to the apps that I sometimes use but not very often all just put into one folder and that is it really.

I would have to say that my top/most used apps on my phone are Discord, Twitter, The Sims Mobile and Facebook Messenger.

That is pretty much everything that I have on my phone. Let me know what some of your favourite apps or mobile games are that you have on your phone at the moment in the comments!


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