Tech Review: Samsung Galaxy S9+

A few months ago I decided to upgrade from my trusty Google Pixel 2 to the brand new Samsung Galaxy S9+. Now I was still very much stuck in my contract at the time but due to financial reasons decided to upgrade the same time as my partner. Luckily trading in my Google Pixel 2 gave me just enough money to buy myself out of my current contract. That on its own was a nightmare its self but eventually, that was sorted thanks to the wonderful people at my local EE Store. What I didn’t know at the time was that my partner had settled for the same phone as myself just in a different colour. Next thing I knew we were both walking out of the EE store with a Samsung Galaxy S9+.

I settled on the EE exclusive Sunrise Gold version of the phone which also comes with the larger amount of internal storage. Instead of the standard 128GB, I had a lovely 256GB and that is even before the expandable storage!

You can check out the phone’s full technical specifications on Samsung’s website via the link below.

So the real question is, how have I been getting on with the phone? Well, it’s an easy answer. I love the phone. Now I said the same about the Google Pixel 2 but the Samsung Galaxy S9+ has taken it to another level. While it works as it should and is perfect for the usual day to day tasks has a battery that easily lasts a couple of days with average use I’ve also found that it has been brilliant for blogging. In fact, it’s a brilliant all-round phone.

Photo by Krista (LeeksEverywhere)

I’ve also managed to take some amazing photos with the phone’s camera as well. I took this photo back in September 2018 when I was at RTX London. It was the first time I was actually able to put the phone’s camera to the test and I was able to get some amazing photos from the cable cars like this one and many others. The camera is usually one of the main selling points for me.  Although by no means is my phone camera a professional camera it still allows me to capture some incredible moments.

While this is a short and sweet review of the Samsung Galaxy S9+, I have to say that I’m really pleased to have gone with this phone. I’ve always swapped around and tried out different brands of phones but I always find myself coming back to Samsung for various reasons.

If you are looking for a new phone and are still wondering which phone to go for, I would consider looking at the Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ regardless of which network you are on as a possible option.

You can find out more about the Samsung Galaxy S9 phone series by clicking here.


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