My Month In Gaming: December

Twelve months later and here we are at the last My Month In Gaming post for 2018.  It’s been a fun year and even though the vision of these posts has changed ever so slightly during the year, overall they’ve been great fun to write up towards the end of each month.


It’s that time of year again when the Winter Wonderland event lands in Overwatch. I’ve had loads of fun playing the various game modes and trying to get as many of the new event skins as possible. I’ve got a couple of the ones I wanted but still need to try and get the Mercy skin before the event is over.  While I’m still pretty terrible at Yeti Hunter and Mei’s Snowball Offensive I’ve had great fun playing both game modes.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Where do I start with Super Smash Bros Ultimate? Well, I absolutely love the game. I’ve been having lots of fun playing the game as a whole although I have mainly focused on progressing through the World of Light a lot of the time. I have to admit I do like to just hit random buttons and hope for the best but my aim is to be a little more strategic and play the game properly. I have played a few of the previous Super Smash Bros games but this is the first one I feel that I am properly getting in to.

With December being a pretty busy month both for work and Christmas I’ve not had as much time as normal for playing video games. I have also managed to squeeze in some time playing a selection of Jackbox games as well as continuing to playing through Let’s Go Pikachu.

With that being said that rounds off the last My Month In Gaming for 2018. I’ll be back with the first one for the New Year at the end of January.

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One final thing, I hope you all have a Happy New Year and an awesome 2019!

2 thoughts on “My Month In Gaming: December

  1. So glad I’m not alone in pressing random buttons for Smash! 😂 my husband is trying to teach me how to “actually” play. Thank you so much for your posts throughout the year, I hope you have a great New Years and have a wonderful 2019!


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