Accessories To Consider For The Nintendo Switch

With many people receiving a Nintendo Switch for Christmas or even picking one up during the post-Christmas & New Year Sales I decided to put together a list of a few accessories which I feel are handy to have alongside the Nintendo Switch console. This is in no way a definitive list or a must buy list but more things to consider if you are fairly new to owning the console.

  • Storage/Travel Case

This was one of the first things I purchased after getting my Nintendo Switch. Luckily there are many varieties and styles available in many stores and online.  Most cases come with space to store the console, a handful of games and maybe a second set a joy-cons. You can also get a variety of backpacks/messenger bags which are great to take the Nintendo Switch set up on the go with you!

  • Additional Controller

While the Joycon controller is a good starting point with the console you might want to look into getting either a wired Nintendo Switch Controller or the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. Both options are great and it really is down to personal preference which style of controller you want to have. The Pro Controller is on the slightly higher end of the budget which is around £65 whereas the wired controllers can be found from £15-£30.

  • Screen Protector

With many games utilizing the touch screen features having a screen protector adds just that little bit extra level of protection on the screen. Most screen protectors are very budget friendly and of course good quality.

  • Stand

This is another accessory that I have found come in very handy when I’m not playing the game using the dock but also want to use the console on the go. It gives the Nintendo Switch that extra boost of height when playing and is compact as well so it doesn’t take up too much room if you are traveling with the console.

There are many more Nintendo Switch accessories out there that are available to buy. It really is down to personal preference what accessories you decide to buy. Of course, there are many options out there regardless of your budget.

Some of the other accessories you can purchase which I haven’t included in this post are:

  • Nintendo Switch Power Banks/AC Adapter
  • Joy-Cons & Grips
  • Joy-Con Wheel for Mario Kart
  • Console Charging Stand
  • Controller Charging Stand for Pro Controller & Joy-Cons
  • Pokeball Plus Charging Stand
  • Dock Covers
  • GameCube Controllers & Adapters
  • Amiibo

And much much more!

The only other thing is knowing where to find and purchase Nintendo Switch accessories. I tend to look at Amazon UK, GAME, Nintendo’s Official Store and also Argos. There are many places online and on the high street where you can purchase many of these accessories as well.

Here’s a handy video from Commonwealth Realm on YouTube where they showcase a selection of Nintendo Switch Accessories too!

Let me know what some of your must-have accessories are for the Nintendo Switch or even what some of your favourite ones are.

12 thoughts on “Accessories To Consider For The Nintendo Switch

      1. Hi. There’s an official Gamecube Controller and Gamecube Controller Adapter on Nintendo Switch for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The original GameCube controllers works though. By the way, great post!


      2. Thank you! I’ve been looking into getting an adapter hopefully in the near future. I might just get the controller instead as I’m not sure how much life my GameCube controller has left in it!


    1. Thank you so much and of course! I’d say at the moment my favourite controller would be the Pro Controller mainly because it is the one that I’ve used the most since having my Nintendo Switch. I’ve been using my brother’s GameCube controller as well (as mine had given up) and that would be a close second for me.


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