A Journey With The Nintendo DS

I’ve recently been thinking a lot about the Nintendo DS family of consoles. It all started when I came across my Nintendo 2DS the other day. I started thinking about how essentially just sitting there and collecting dust. There are still so many games to play on the console as well as discover both as physical and digital releases.

Yet from that initial thought, it really got me thinking about the journey of the Nintendo DS consoles and how I came to really enjoy them and also the games library that has increased for the console over the years.

For me, it all started off in around two thousand and seven when I received my first Nintendo DS console. My family and I were actually on holiday at the time and I had joined them a couple of days later due to school. They knew how much I loved my GameBoy Advanced and also knew I would have it with me to pass some time while travelling to meet them. What I didn’t know and which was also a total surprise to me when I arrived was to be given a Nintendo DS Lite in baby pink along with a couple of games for my birthday.

I was shocked as I hadn’t hinted or asked about getting a Nintendo DS Lite. My original plan was to save up for it and then hope to get one after Christmas.

From first turning it on to just before I upgraded to the Nintendo 3DS I was amazed by this little console. What it was capable of and the sheer variety of games that were available.

Fast forward a few years later and the Nintendo 3DS was taking the market by storm. I finally decided to upgrade to the new console.  It was about eighteen months after the console was originally released that I picked up a pre-owned Aqua Nintendo 3DS and The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time.

Needless to say, I was pretty quiet for the remained of the day once getting home.

It took some time before I started building on my Nintendo 3DS library but just like how I did with my original Nintendo DS Lite I fell in love with the console all over again. The addition of the optional 3D feature in games as well as the ever-expanding library, the portability and being able to play with more of my friends allowed me to make many more memories over the years.

I added a couple more consoles to my collection over time including the limited edition Fire Emblem 3DS XL and also the original wedge style Pikachu Edition Nintendo 2DS. Likewise, the library of games also had built up over time which featured a mixture of Animal Crossing, Pokemon, Legend of Zelda and Super Mario games to name a few.

The Nintendo DS family of consoles is one of my favourite consoles if not my absolute favourite. I grew up alongside these consoles and during that time discovered some of my favourite games and franchises. As well as making some amazing memories.

Going back to the original thought that started this all off.  My current Nintendo DS console has been sat collecting dust for a little while until recently. I placed it on charge and I dived back into Pokemon Crystal. I honestly felt like I was jumping back into the game for the first time.

I do feel since having my Nintendo Switch that I really have neglected its predecessor. While the development & release of Nintendo 3DS games appears to be slowing down there are still plenty of games out there to take a look at and discover. I have a small backlog of games as well including  Detective Pikachu, WarioWare Gold, Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance and maybe a few others all of which I’m planning to play through during the year.

I’m really hoping the Nintendo 3DS/Nintendo 2DS consoles have a few more years of games left in them before Nintendo decide to close the doors on such an incredible and memorable era of handheld consoles.

Let me know what your favourite console from the Nintendo DS family is or what some of your favourite games are.

5 thoughts on “A Journey With The Nintendo DS

  1. It’s cool that you didn’t even hint about it – That’s how I got my PlayStation at Christmas when I was younger 🙂 Of all the DS consoles, I’d say the New 2DS XL is my favourite. It looks and feels comfortable to use. Fantasy Life remains to this day one if the most perfect games I could want 🙂

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    1. I was really surprised but at the same time, I was really determined to have saved up for it. I think I put the money towards some games in the end. I do agree with the 2DS XL. I’m glad to have added one to my collection. Fantasy Life is one that I’m hoping to get at some point just not sure when.

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