Four Things I’m Loving Right Now

January has been a very long and very peculiar month for me and not really the best start to a New Year. My aim was to do my best to turn that around and just keep myself busy. During the month I’ve not only discovered lots of new things that I love and really enjoy but also rediscovered my love for reading and writing amongst other things. Of course, that’s not all but here are four things that I’ve really loved this past month and have really stood out to me.


The first time I heard about gen:LOCK was back at RTX London last year. From there I kept an eye out for announcements and updates as to when the show would be released. The show includes the likes of Michael B Jordan, Dakota Fanning, Maisie Williams and David Tennant. With the first two episodes now released and both being thoroughly enjoyable and action packed I can’t wait to see where the story goes next.

Fifty years in the future, an oppressive authoritarian force threatens to conquer the world. A daring team is recruited to pilot a new form of weaponized neuroscience that powers devastating mecha, but they must be willing to sacrifice everything to save the world. – Rooster Teeth

gen:LOCK is available to stream on

Kingdom Hearts 3

With the release of the long-awaited Kingdom Hearts 3 yesterday I’ve spent a large part of my day playing through the new release.  The first time I discovered Kingdom Hearts was actually via YouTube where I discovered the song Sanctuary. From there I found out what I could about the franchise and hoped one day I would be able to play the previous games. Although I am not very far through the new game, from what I have played has been amazing. Not only that I loved the opening to the game as well!


I stumbled across BLACKPINK on Twitter a few months ago when their song DDU-DU DDU-DU appeared on my timeline. Of course, being intrigued I went ahead and listened to a few more of their songs and just like that, I was hooked. Although I have listened to some K-pop music here and there in the past, I’ve found that BLACKPINK’s music is always mixed into one of my many Spotify playlists in some way. Not only is their music catchy but you can’t help but dance along to it as well.

The Sims

I’ve actually had so much fun the last week or so playing The Sims again. Part of this was down to my game corrupting and having to do a fresh reinstall of the game. I actually loaded up everyone’s favourite pre-made family the Pancakes and just explored the game with them once everything seemed back to normal. Not only was it fun and refreshing playing the game with a clean install, it actually made me decide to revisit my old Tumblr and start sharing my screenshots from in-game there. You can find my Tumblr here.

And that pretty much sums up my January. While it hasn’t been the best I do feel like I have managed to make the most of it. February I’m sure will be a much better month but for now, I must continue my adventure in the world of Kingdom Hearts!


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