February Thoughts

Originally I was going to take this week off blogging as I knew I had a lot going on in real life and wasn’t too sure if I was going to have the time to sit down and write anything. However, I kept finding myself thinking about what to write for the next blog post and how that was going to look. I would keep trying to start piecing it together in my head and then when writing it out it just wouldn’t come together how I thought it would. This post is a combination of some of the ideas and thoughts that I had during the last week.

A Part of a Community

A few days ago, The Sims celebrated its nineteenth birthday. Nineteen whole years. Where has that time gone?  While I was talking with friends about our memories from the first game all the way through to the latest instalment of the franchise we laughed and cried at everything we all had to say. There was a lot of things that I took away from the conversation but there was one thing that really stood out to me and that was just how much I love being a part of the game’s community.

I will always be grateful for this community. The memories I’ve made, the people I’ve met who I’m lucky to call my friends, being a part of The Sims Community Team and so much more. Honestly, I went to bed with such a huge smile on face after that conversation.


Video Game Guides

When I was younger, I have a very clear memory of printing out an eighty-something page walkthrough for Pokemon Yellow. My parents were not best pleased as I used up all the paper that we had as well as the majority of the ink as well. The poor little printer didn’t really know what was going.  This was around the time that broadband internet was slowly making its way into a lot of people’s homes as well so there was no having to reconnect to the internet every two hours.

This particular walkthrough became something that I carried around nearly everywhere. I didn’t print it all out and put it in its own folder because I was stuck on Pokemon Yellow. I had actually completed the game at this point. I just wanted to be able to read about the game when I wasn’t playing it. Fast forward a few years later and the folder containing that walkthrough I gave to my brother. It was around the time that he first started to play video games and I thought he could use it to help him through his first ever playthrough of Pokemon Yellow. As far as I know, that folder is still safely boxed up with some other video game related items.

Around the same time, I was also given a copy of The Sims Vacation game guide along with the expansion pack for PC as well. While I was getting my head around the expansion the game guide was essential for my younger self when playing the game.

One thing that I’ve always done with game guides is just sit down and read them as if they were a normal book. Of course, it doesn’t have the same flow as a normal fictional book so at times it would take a bit of a strange turn but that just made me enjoy reading them even more.

This really got me thinking about game guides and how they have progressed over the years. While now it seems that they are slowly becoming less and less popular and in some cases moving over to digital versions, I have to say in the last year I have added a good handful to my collection both new and used. There are still a handful of guides that I want to try and get one being the Final Fantasy XV guide but I’m in no rush to get one or any others that I have on my little list.


The last few years my brother and I have attended EXG Rezzed in London and we got around to talking about planning on attending the event again this year. Of course, as the conversation went on we ended up talking about maybe trying a different event this year. We looked at the Insomnia events but we ruled it out as travel and being restricted with the time we both can have off work.

Then we discovered that the main EGX event is being held in London this year as well. Coincidently it is being held a few days before my birthday and we have been able to even both arrange time off from our jobs to attend. Although I’ll miss not going to EGX Rezzed this year (it’s been a tradition for about four years now) I am very excited to go to my first EGX instead. I am also hoping that RTX London will be running again this year as I’d love to be able to have a chance to attend again this year.

That’s it for this weeks blog post. It is definitely not the normal approach that I have for posts but sometimes it is nice to do things a little differently and I actually enjoyed putting together this post on and off during the week. Of course, there will be a more normal blog post coming next week. For now though, have a lovely weekend!

7 thoughts on “February Thoughts

  1. Nineteen whole years of Sims gameplay…Oh my God! I can remember myself playing the first one and hoping to play the next (The Sims 2)! When I bought the second game of the series I was so excited, I played 4 hours straight (a long time for a small kid). Maybe we get to see in the coming years, the fifth game of this majesty!

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    1. I honestly do not want to even think about how many hours I have spent playing The Sims across all of the games. I love each of the instalments for so many different reasons. I was the same though and I would spend as long as I could playing when I was younger. It will be interesting to see what direction the game goes over the next few years.

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      1. Another awesome post LEEKSEVERYWHERE! Some good ol’ memories with The Sims there. I know it’s one of, if not, the best life simulation video games but I thought I’d give you some love this February by recommending Stardew Valley, Virtual Villagers, or Animal Crossing. Have you tried any of these games?


      2. Thank you so much! 🙂 I have tried both Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing and really enjoy both games. I’m hoping there will be some form of an announcement later when the Nintendo Direct is on for Animal Crossing. Virtual Villagers is one I haven’t heard of but will take a look at 😀


  2. I used to collect game guides, I love to read them too and they are a part of a games history. I was gutted when I found out Prima games were closing down. More people now are just using Youtube walkthroughs or finding online guides which is a shame, I much prefer the physical object.

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    1. Same here! I’ve always prefered having a physical guide and reading through that if needed but it wasn’t always possible with some games. With the news of Prima Games it does make wonder what will happen next in the world of game guides.

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