Lets Talk: Nintendo Direct

The first Nintendo Direct for 2019 has come and gone and while I was a little disappointed not to see a couple of things overall the Direct kicked off what definitely looks to be another amazing year for the Nintendo Switch.

The Nintendo Direct opened up with showcasing the brand new Super Mario Maker 2. I didn’t really play the original Super Mario Maker which I’m a little disappointed in myself for not doing so but I am super excited to see the game make its way over to Nintendo Switch.

Next up we saw trailers for the new Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 The Black Order, Box Boy & Box Girl, news about the upcoming Super Smash Bros Ultimate update as well as some information about new content for Captain Toad Treasure Tracker as well. To be honest I really do regret trading in this game as I really did enjoy it.

Bloodstained was up next but while it looks good it’s not one that I’m too sure if I’m interested in at the moment. Dragon Quest Builders 2 followed up and it looks pretty good and probably a game I will look at trying out at some point once it is released.

Dragon Quest XI Echoes of an Elusive Age followed straight after and I know that this is a game I will be looking at getting. I’ve been interested in picking up a Dragon Quest game for a while but had heard rumours that the latest instalment would be making its way to Nintendo Switch at some point this year. With the rumours being correct on this occasion I’ll be keeping a lookout for it later this year.

Moving on the Nintendo Direct next covered a new Disney Tsum Tsum game and took a look at Starlink before moving onto looking at Rune Factory 4 Special with the news that Rune Factory 5 is currently in development as well. Oninaki then rounded off this next segment of the Direct.

Next up was Yoshi’s Crafted World. A game that I have been looking forward to since it was first revealed all those months ago. I’ve loved the look of this game and I’ve always been a fan of the Yoshi inspired games for many years. One thing that caught my eye towards the end of the trailer was the little Nintendo Labo Piano which has got me wondering if and how the Nintendo Labo will integrate into the game. I did think that the release date would be a little later in the year but in fact, it is a little over a month away.

Fire Emblem Three Houses followed on from Yoshi’s Crafted World and although I’ve never really been into the Fire Emblem series I was really interested in this one. I’d like to hope that there will be a demo for it closer to the release date but I’m sure this will be making its way onto my Boomerang Games rental list very soon.

Tetris Battle Royale, I mean Tetris 99 was up next. I downloaded it this morning onto my Switch and played a few games before I went to work and I can say it’s actually good fun. I’m still terrible at Tetris but one day maybe one day I’ll do alright.

The Nintendo Direct rounded off with Dead By Daylight, Deltarune, Daemon X Machina, GRID, Hellbalde Senua’s Sacrifice,  Unravel Two, Assassin’s Creed III Remastered, Final Fantasy VII, Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon EVERY BUDDY and Final Fantasy IX.

Before the very end of the Nintendo Direct, a brand new game was shown for the first time. Astral Chain. While I’m not too sure if this is my kind of game it did look interesting and did have me questioning how things ended up the way they have in the game.

Overall though I have to say it was a very strong Nintendo Direct filled with a variety of amazing looking games which will add to its already incredible library. While I was a little disappointed that there was no news about the upcoming Animal Crossing game and maybe even a glimpse of some Generation Eight Pokemon news I do hope we will hear something in the near future. One other thing that struck me was there was no mention of the Nintendo 3DS/2DS family. While there are still a handful of releases set for the console this year does this mean we could soon be hearing from Nintendo that they are closing the doors on the much-loved console once and for all? I guess only time will tell.

Let me know what you thought of yesterday’s Nintendo Direct and what games, in particular, you are looking forward to.

So I nearly did forget to add one last thing but I guess in true Nintendo fashion you save the best until last. The Legend of Zelda Link’s Awakening was sneakily added at the very end of the Direct. The game that was originally released for GameBoy twenty six years ago will see a new life on Nintendo Switch later this year and it looks incredible!

All videos shown in this blog post are from the Official Nintendo Youtube Channel.

2 thoughts on “Lets Talk: Nintendo Direct

  1. Great post! The release of Nintendo Direct really fits the month. I guess Nintendo likes to do it in a spectacular way and we seem to always love it. With Super Mario Maker 2 and The Legend of Zelda Link’s Awakening only, I’m already sold. What really left me dumbfounded was Tetris 99. I never thought that bringing the overly hyped battle royale game feature would work so well in a classic tile-matching puzzle video game. Fortnite better watch out.

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