My Month In Gaming: February

What a month February has been! It has been the total opposite to January. While I’ve sat down here and there to play some games I haven’t really played as much as usual and have really just stuck to the same small handful of games.

Kingdom Hearts 3

This is the first time that I’ve played a Kingdom Hearts game at launch and even played on properly. I believe I’m about halfway through the story but really have just taken it slowly. I’ve wondered off so many times just exploring as much as I can in each area. While I may not find anything it’s been fun. There are some parts to the story that reference previous games which I don’t always understand but I am planning to play the series through properly in the future. Overall I’m really enjoying the story and the game as a whole and I can’t wait to see where the story takes me next.

The Sims 4: StrangerVille

The latest Game Pack for The Sims 4 may have only released yesterday but I’m already loving it! I’ve completed the story already and without spoiling it, the story is not at all what I was expecting but througherly enjoyable either way. I have actually played a lot of The Sims 4 over the last few weeks. I think I finally found my spark for playing again. It may have been having to do a complete reinstall of the game that started it but I’ve started really enjoying it again.


I had so many problems trying to access the free ten-hour trial via EA Access when I did eventually get it working I didn’t really have the time to properly play. That aside I’ve managed to jump into the game a couple of days ago and start playing. I’ve played for about three hours maybe four and so far I can’t really fault it. There are a couple of small glitches I’ve noticed but I’m sure they will get fixed in an update. I do have to say I love how easy to fly your Javelin though. I was worried it would be difficult but it’s the complete opposite!

That’s it for this months My Month In Gaming post. A short but sweet post but filled with three very good games that I have thoroughly enjoyed. It does make me wonder what March has in store in the gaming department.


6 thoughts on “My Month In Gaming: February

  1. I must say that I really like Anthem and I already played hours of the game! I truly love that I have someone here, who actually plays the game, to basically talk to them and share our thoughts about the game. As I was saying, this is a game I didn’t quite understood at start, but it really got me on playing. After playing the game for a period, I realised it was time for a review. It was something to enjoy. Reading your thoughts about the game, I think of myself trying to write that review, I was just full of joy! Such a great game for me. Also, great article once again!
    Review link:

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  2. Hey, you may not have played much, but I know two of those are awesome games to sit down and play when you can. I’m glad you like Anthem, I was waiting to see what you thought because of the mixed reviews. I always love your month in gaming posts! 😊

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  3. Nice games you got here leekseverywhere!

    It’s great to see you having a blast this month.

    Although not really my cup of tea, the Sims 4 is a great life simulation game for those who are looking for a game where they can create a virtual character and control their life.

    Its game pack Strangerville looks like a breath of fresh air.

    What really caught my attention is Kingdom Hearts 3 and Anthem as they are both phenomenal games in my opinion.

    Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Thank you! TS4 Strangerville has been great fun so far. The storyline to it has been so much more than I expected as well. Kingdom Hearts 3 and Anthem are both brilliant games and hopefully I’ll be able to spend some time on both over the weekend.

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