It’s MAR10 Day!

As the title of this blog post suggests it is, in fact, Mario day and seeing the variety of Tweets about today got me thinking about my earliest memories of the Super Mario games and just have a look at some of my favourite games from the franchise over the years.

My earliest memory has to be from when I was around five or six and my Uncle would let me play a Super Mario game on his Game Boy when I use to visit him. I don’t remember too much about the game itself just that it was a Super Mario game and I loved playing it. After messaging my Uncle I discovered that it may have been either Super Mario Land or Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins.

I would have to say that the moment that clearly stands out for me where I can say I properly played a Super Mario game was when I was around nine/ten years old. I use to go to a childminder after school with my younger brother and there was a Nintendo 64 set up in the playroom alongside a handful of other consoles.

The game that myself and the other children use to play the most was Super Mario 64. We collectively all played the one save together and eventually we did beat the game despite taking us many months to do so. I remember how we use to sit down and play once we had all done our homework and help each other out and take turns in playing. The first level that I ever played was one of the earlier ones where you have to race down the ice slide within a certain time. It took me ages to remember each section of the track and eventually win the race down the slide.

After my brother and I left our childminder (due to moving out of the area) it was a little while before I picked up another Super Mario game. In fact, my next game would have been either Mario Kart: Super Circuit or Mario Golf: Advance Tour for the Game Boy Advance. Followed by a selection of games for the Nintendo DS, Wii and WiiU before moving onto the Nintendo Switch.

As for favourite games from the Super Mario games, I have played across the various consoles, I really struggled to choose a favourite as there is just so many to choose from. Instead, I chose a Super Mario game(s) that really stood out for me for each console I have played on.

  • Nintendo 64 – Super Mario 64
  • Game Cube – Super Mario Sunshine
  • Game Boy Advance – Mario Kart: Super Circuit & Mario Golf: Advance Tour
  • Nintendo DS – Super Mario 64 DS
  • Nintendo Wii – Super Mario Galaxy & Super Mario Galaxy 2
  • Nintendo 3DS – New Super Mario Bros 2
  • Nintendo Wii U – Super Mario World 3D
  • Nintendo Switch – Super Mario Odyssey

There are still plenty of Super Mario games out there that I have never played or even know about but hopefully one day I can say that I have experienced more of those games. I feel that I will always find myself coming back to Super Mario games in the future for so many different reasons. I just really enjoy the more “traditional” Super Mario games but then at the same time, I love the approach of the likes of Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Odyssey. I’m also really excited to play Super Mario Maker 2 when it is released for Nintendo Switch later this year too!

So here’s to another MAR10 Day and too many many more in the future!

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