My Month In Gaming: March

I really feel that March has flown by so quickly that I’ve blinked and missed everything that has happened this last month. I’ll be honest while I have played several different games over the past few weeks I’ve had a fairly busy month so I’ve only been playing here and there. That’s okay though I’ve still had lots of fun when I’ve been able to play.

World of Final Fantasy Maxima

I picked up World of Final Fantasy Maxima when it was on sale on the eShop a few weeks ago. It’s a game I’ve been eyeing up for a little while and decided while it was on such a good deal to go ahead and grab it. I’ve probably only played the first couple of hours roughly so far but I feel like I’m definitely past the “tutorial” stage of the game and more into the main storyline now. I’ve slowly been getting the hang of the different game mechanics and various features within the game although sometimes I do forget what I am supposed to be doing. Overall though I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the game so far.

Pokemon Ultra Sun

It has seriously taken me so long to complete this instalment of the Pokemon franchise. I guess part of that is because of where I’ve also been playing Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu more. I’ve set myself a little target which is to try and complete the game by the time Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Sheild are released later this year. I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to do that. I have spent a lot of time doing wonder trades in a hope to try and boost my Pokedex a little bit but I’m finding my self starting a collection a Magikarp. Honestly what am I suppose to do with an army of Magikarp?


I don’t really have much to say about Fortnite other than curiosity got the better of me and I actually enjoyed it to a point. I didn’t really know what I was doing other than running around and away from the incoming circle but I had fun. I didn’t place very well at all in any of the games but I guess we all have to start somewhere.

The Sims 2: Ultimate Collection

I was in need of a nostalgia kick one day and decided to see if The Sims 2: Ultimate Collection would work on my laptop and luckily it runs like a dream! The Sims 2 played such a big part in my childhood while I was growing up and starting up the game again after so many years brought back so many memories. I created a new family and then sent my teen Sim straight to university. I’d say it’s going okay but my Sim needs to study a little more.

That’s it for March’s My Month In Gaming blog post. A nice mixture of games that I don’t always play as well as a brand new game that I’ve enjoyed playing. March has also seen some new releases that I’m hoping to get a chance to play via Boomerang Games over the next few weeks. I’m especially looking forward to playing Yoshi’s Crafted World as it looks so adorable and great fun as well as The Division 2. That’s before even thinking of the new releases coming during April as well! I guess the backlog may get a little longer next month.

2 thoughts on “My Month In Gaming: March

    1. Thank you so much! I’ve got so many memories from when I use to play it when I was younger. My Sim currently isn’t doing the greatest at University but I’m sure they will achieve their Major eventually. I mean they just skipped three days worth of classes as they glitched and wouldn’t stop painting.


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