Franchise Friday: Where It All Began

It all started when I was browsing the video games display in my local Smyths Toy Stores. I was there for a totally unrelated reason but there was one game that caught my eye. Final Fantasy XV for Xbox One. The only Final Fantasy game that I had played previously was a demo of a much earlier Final Fantasy game. To be completely honest, I had no idea what I was actually supposed to be doing or at this time what Final Fantasy was all about.

I held off ever so slightly from picking up Final Fantasy XV there and then but rather waited until I was nearer to home and grabbed it from my local Sainsbury’s. I hadn’t read any reviews or seen any YouTube videos about Final Fantasy XV prior to buying the game as I wanted to make my own thoughts and opinions on the game myself. There was just something about the game that had my attention.

After completing the game for the very first time one question I had to ask myself several times is, “why did I not picked this game up sooner?” Seriously why hadn’t I picked it up sooner than I did? Who knows but I’m glad I finally have!

Everything about the game had me captivated. I wanted to know what happened next in the story. I wanted to know the characters’ stories and how each of the four came together. There were many things that I wanted to know but even after completing the game and starting again would I soon answer some of those questions. Not only that I also loved the art style, the storyline, the characters and so much more within the game that I knew this would be a game I would play time and time again.

Much like one of the first loading screens you see when you are waiting to go into the game is a “Final Fantasy for Fans and First-Timers.” I completely agree with this. I really do. It really doesn’t matter if you have played before or not, you’ll have at least heard the name Final Fantasy somewhere at some point and I am glad that this was my proper introduction into the franchise.

Despite not playing a Final Fantasy game before other than a very old demo, I’ve always been intrigued about the franchise. I’ve never known a game to grab my attention like the way Final Fantasy XV has done. Part of me really didn’t want this game to end although I feel I still have a very long way before I’m even anywhere near completing the game completely for the third time. I still have all the downloadable content for the game let alone the rest of the game!

Speaking of downloadable content, I have had so much fun playing the Comrades Multiplayer mode for Final Fantasy XV. I found it a little bit difficult to start with but slowly I’ve been getting better at the missions. I also loved how the game mode was released as it’s own standalone game as well. I’ve managed to recruit a handful of friends to play it since it was released.

I would also loved to have seen even just a glimpse of some of the cancelled downloadable content planned for release after Episode Ardyn and to learn more about Aranea, Lunafreya and Noctis but I guess for now that will forever remain a mystery but it has got me wondering about what the next Final Fantasy game could look like.

Since playing Final Fantasy XVI have started to explore some other games from the Final Fantasy franchise including Final Fantasy XIV Online, World of Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns. I hope to one day say that I have experienced each Final Fantasy game but I know that is way off at the moment but I’m getting there.


2 thoughts on “Franchise Friday: Where It All Began

  1. My husband enjoys Final Fantasy quite a bit and also loved this game. From what I saw of the story it did seem pretty compelling. For some reason though the style of this game just can’t hold my attention but I also can’t watch anime series so I’am thinking it more to do with the art then the actual gameplay. Still I know this game is pretty popular with a lot of people I know and it’s always fun to find a new fandom to become immersed in.

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