My Month In Gaming: April

Here we are again. Another month has come to an end and another is just about to start. April was a slightly quiet month for me but was still jam-packed with lots of fun and games along the way. Not only that Game of Thrones returned for its final season and Avengers Endgame was released both of which I recommend watching. Anywho, let’s jump in!

Final Fantasy XIV Online

Those of you who follow my blog may have seen a little theme over the last few weeks in the form of a few Final Fantasy inspired blog posts. I have indeed returned to playing Final Fantasy XIV (again) ahead of the upcoming Stormbringers expansion that is due out in a few months. I’ve been having lots of fun and reuniting with my Free Company as well. I’m currently trying to get to level fifty so that I can complete the FFXIV x FFXV crossover event before the 27th May as well as completing as much of the story as possible.

This time around I’ve really been enjoying playing FFXIV compared to my previous times playing and in fact, it has been my go-to game for the majority of April. So, if you see a pink haired character looking a little lost on the Moogle server then that is more than likely me.

My Time At Portia

I’ve only in the last couple of days finally started to play My Time At Portia so I’m not very far through the game. I had been considering grabbing it on Steam when it was first released but always put it off for some reason. I’m glad I’ve waited and picked it up on Nintendo Switch instead. I can’t really say too much about the game at this time other than I haven’t wanted to put the game down since starting it but it is lots of fun and really enjoyable so far.

Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon EVERY BUDDY!

I have somewhat neglected this game since I jumped back into Final Fantasy XIV but I’ve really been enjoying it. I’ve probably played around five maybe six hours so far and the controls/mechanics have been really easy to pick up and understand. Overall though I’ve had lots of fun and I’m interested to see where the storyline goes throughout the rest of the game.

Apart from the three games I’ve mentioned I also gave Far Cry New Dawn and Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 ago which I rented from Boomerang games. Both games I played for a few hours and while both were very good I and I could see the improvements and changes made from earlier games with in both franchise sadly neither game was for me. I have however got Devil May Cry 5 on it’s way from Boomerang Games which I am hopefully going to play this coming weekend.

That however is it for another My Month in Gaming blog post. it has been another month filled with some fantastic games. May sees many of us starting to get excited and counting down the final weeks before the Electronic Entertainment Expo/E3 press conferences in early June as well as EA Play which is happening around the same time. Both events I’m extremley excited for and may or may not have booked a weeks holiday from work for it.


2 thoughts on “My Month In Gaming: April

  1. I have been playing My Time at Portia and I am absolutely in love! It hasn’t quite reached a Stardew Valley level of obsession yet, but it may very well get there.

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