Just Checking In


I just wanted to write a little post just to give you a little update and to quickly say hello.

I want to say that I’ve had time to dedicate to writing content for this blog and time to sit down and play games over the last few weeks. Honestly, I would be lying. Truth is, I haven’t. This has mainly come around due to personal reasons and work although things are starting to improve a little bit. Having said this, it doesn’t mean that I’ve lost interest in either writing content or gaming. I can assure you I still love both.

I have however had time to think about some of the content I want to work on going forward both long term and in the near future. I’m still going to be posting My Month In Gaming posts as well as Franchise Friday posts so that won’t change but I’ve been thinking about other types of content I can create. That being said there will be plenty of opportunities for content ideas coming up with EA Play and E3 just around the corner.

One thing that I really want to get back into is reviewing games. I have so many parts finished blog posts from where I have started to review a game but have either given up with the post/game or just dropped the game altogether. I do want to try and have at least one game review or even a first look post up a month where possible. Overall though I am still aiming to upload one new post every week.

I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend and I look forward to catching up soon!


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