Mobile Game Review: Idle Coffee Corp

I was browsing through the Google Play Store a few days looking for a new mobile game to play. I wasn’t looking for anything specific other than one that is pretty easy to jump straight in and play as well as being easy to pick up and put down as much or as little as I wanted. I tried several different games before launching my Barista Career in the game Idle Coffee Corp.

Created by BoomBit and Strawberry Games, Idle Coffee Corp is described as a strategy and simulation game. From the outside, you would potentially assume that it’s another one of those games where you’ll play it for a day or so and then forget all about it. However, this is not the case with Idle Coffee Corp.

Firstly you start off with a coffee shop based in New York where your Barista will only be able to serve one kind of Coffee. Once you start to accumulate some income you are able to expand not only the variety of coffee that can be served but also it’s quality via research and you can expand the number of barista’s that you have as well.  As you earn more and more you are then able to open up another coffee shop in another location. There are more locations after New York including Berlin and Atlantis.

While the game does of in-game purchases you can easily earn gold through completing challenges and earn free gold every four hours. You can also prestige your coffee shop, unlock epic baristas and collect cards that give you special perks. For some aspects of the game, you can get a timed boost period by watching a short advert. This really comes in helpful when you are trying to collect each individual barista’s takings.

Just like the name of the game states, the game will still progress even when you are not playing. This makes it easy to jump straight back in from where you were last.

I’ve been playing Idle Coffee Corp for several days now. Jumping into the game on and off throughout the day and I can honestly say I’m really enjoying the game. The game is lovely and colourful, the character design that has a pixelated feel to it. You can, to a point go at your own pace through the game but ensuring you have a steady flow of money coming in and are expanding at a good pace is key. Overall though I do recommend this game if you are looking for a fun mobile game to get stuck into.

Idle Coffee Corp is available now for free on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

You can find out more about the creators here:

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